What is Good?

I’m not asking the question from a moral standpoint. I’m not looking for what you think is right or wrong, and should I help that old lady get her wheel chair loaded into the trunk of her car at the market. No, the more accurate question would be, “What does it mean to perform well?”. In this instance that question would have a few letters tagged on as a qualifier. “In an MMO”. You hear it all the time in MMOs, particularly games like WAR. “So-and-so is good.” “X is so much better than Y.” “LoL, he’s terribad!” So-on, and so forth. So, by what stick do you measure this undefined, non-quantifiable term?

From my outlook, the quality of a person’s performance cannot be evaluated without first acknowledging the goal that the performance is directed at. I could have the highest level of twitch skills, and a reaction time measure in nano-seconds, but if I’m playing a turn-based video game, that won’t help me at all. So, this leads me to see two necessary points that need to be held in mind while going forward with this discussion:

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