WAR: 1.3.4 Preview

You can read it here.

The most tangible news in the mix is concerning the weapons. Not purchased via medallions/crests, but with a new system through scenarios. SQUEEEE!!! My favorite part of the game currently, and the thing I take part the most in. We have no real ideas what the system will be, or how it will behave, but it’s coming. So, while this post doesn’t contain a whole lot of information, it has some, and that’s good.

I’d love to see Mythic get back to communicating with the player base like they were in the Fall of 2008. There doesn’t need to be a lot of quality content in the updates, just a line here or there to say they are aware, they are working, and they care. The player base is the mob, and the mob is fickle. Placate them, entertain them, and they will be yours.

Shut up, I can use lines from Gladiator if I want to!

Also, this whole thread goes on for a ways, and Andy seemed to be fairly active in it. My favorite back and forth was this tidbit.

  • Shuguard: does this mean thunder valley is scrapped? hurray
  • Andy: Maayyyyybe 


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5 Responses to WAR: 1.3.4 Preview

  1. Werit says:

    Thunder Valley isn’t that bad. What brings it down is that unless you are fighting the enemy, you will not get very much out of the scenario.

    I’d rather see it redesigned a bit than removed.

  2. Readda says:

    They’ll probably change it in the way they changed the Eatain scenario – the middle needs to be captured before you can go for either of the BOs on the other side of the map – at least it’d stop this being a scenario were you can go the whole fight without seeing an opponent, and one player running solo can avoid fighting and win the thing by themselves.

  3. shadowwar says:

    *shudder* I hate TV with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. I’ve had ONE good experience there that I can think of. It’s too big, too many objectives, and too many seperated paths that all combined create a scenario where people don’t fight, and spend 15 minutes bored out of their mind, running from flag to flag watching a bar fill up.

  4. Mr. Meh says:

    I have been hoping to find more on 1.3.4.

    Some insight from an Oracle that I know, says that the currency for the weapon purchase system will be called Emblems. And that’s all I know. I have been watching this post as well.

    I aslo agree on the open communication issue. Alot of the Hype this game recieved was because of the constant openness in developement. Podcast, blogs, and just updates all the time. For a year, we have been trolling the Herald while at work seeing 2 to 3 post there a day. To see it go silent is discouraging.

  5. Menacer says:

    WHAT no LIVE event to herald this in….

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