Of Underdogs, Kings, Vultures, and Colossi

Believe it or not, this is a "King Vulture"

I don’t know if the plural of Colossus is actually Colossi, but Colossuses just sounded retarded, so I’m going for it.

The weekend was an intense one in the world of Warhammer on the Gorfang server. I knew there was a buzz in the air every time I played. It seemed as if zones were flipping for us more quickly, and Order was running over opposition every time they ran into them. Zergs of Order, surfing their way around the world, destro serving as nothing more than a speed-bumb on their march to the city (mixed metaphors are totally awesome when intentional). The new underdog is working decently, if the intent is to try to even out both sides access to the city, and let the underdogs feel like they can make a difference too. The boon to the losers is really noticeable at two points. Once two points are reached, Order on Gorfang really picks up its pace.

That said, I really wish that the cities weren’t being attacked with the frequency that they are. It seems to me like the system is still a bit broken or working in a manner different from what was originally proposed. I was under the impression that the underdog points were only supposed to be assigned when a city was actually captured, i.e. the invaders reach Stage 2. Currently, UG points are assigned on every invasion, which happens multiple times a day. In practice, this is working out well by giving both sides a great way to see the other’s city, but whenever Forts get reintroduced (or some other slow-down method), the system is probably going to have a far less impact. I eagerly look forward to that day. I also look forward to Warlord PQs in Inevitable City not being completely ridiculous and more comparable to the ones in Altdorf.

So, in the early evening one night, Order was pushing. And push they did. The city opened up, and the invasion began. The battles were turning overwhelmingly in Order’s favor. Wins were coming fast and decisively. A momentary cry of joy was heard through the realms as a blue “X” covered the right bubble of map. The cheers did not last long, as the realization settled that it was a graphics bug. Only 60% VP were reached, the last 6% was still needed, and there was a bare 5 minutes left. They fought hard, but the forces had taken too long to show up at the start, and Destro had gained too much of a lead to delay the invaders, and the attack ended at 64% VP. Blood was spilled, and the enemy nearly slain. The hordes were hungry and in a frenzy at the near kill. Without missing a beat, the forces of Order returned to center of battle, to push to the home of Destruction once more.

This is where I had to go take care of a baby for the night, and while I won’t say this stupid thing called parenthood kept me from something awesome, but it did. On a sad side note, I told my wife about it the other day, and after her initial mocking, she said to me, “If you had told me how important this was, I would have stayed up with her, you’ve given up a lot in the last three weeks, and I appreciate it!”.


Not only did Order get back to the city, and not only did they then flip it to stage two, no. Two alliances then decided to move forward and attack the palace. They pillaged their way through the palace, all the way to the demon prince Tchar’zanek.  These two alliance warbands then showed both instances what the reality of pain is. One of those alliances contained a full group from my guild, and it got tanked by my guild leader. Oh yes. The weekend night that I stay up with the daughter because she’s being fussy, my guild kills the enemy king for an Order server first.


The following day, my guild went into the Vulture Lord, intent to kill him again, and summon the Colossus. The same group that had gone in last time, ventured into the tomb again. They battled for a long while with the last boss, but after an hour and a LOT of bad luck (the only BW got pulled into the tomb 4 times in a row!), they killed him. By this time, the multiple warbands of Order had let their ADHD take them away, leaving a scant 24 people waiting in the courtyard for the spawning. Destro was waiting as well. When my guild group came out, I was off to the side of the statue, and as soon as he was spawned, I got crushed under the rubble.

Yes, I never even got to see the guy. I had the pleasure of tons of stone breaking me like a bad habit. Thanks guildie!

So, of course, the waiting destruction rushed up with warbands of people, killing everyone there. Then, they died a terrible, terrible death. Unprepared for the pain that was about to come.

And I didn’t get to see it. That is a tragedy unlike any other as far as I can tell.

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2 Responses to Of Underdogs, Kings, Vultures, and Colossi

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    Jeez, I wish we could get to stage 2. We literally, 5 times have been at 64vps and then get the last VP seconds after the rebuild starts. You know how disappointing it is to stare at a rebuilding message with a Blue X bar sitting right next to it. Looks like you did this weekend. We can’t get to stage 2 on Badlands to save our lives.

    Also, I like Colossi better.

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