Just guessing…

But Christina Hendricks must have won an award or something recently. 5,500 page views in the last two days, when weekends are usually the slowest of them all. The bulk of this traffic has been to my gender-bender post, and the highest search that got people here has been this lovely red-heads name. A little bit of me feels dirty and like I didn’t earn this. I also know that the people looking for my favorite red-head aren’t going to stick around to read this blog, and the numbers are completely artificially inflated, so I don’t care, and just enjoy the ego-stroke. It should be noted, that I am not too shameless to be above some attention whoring myself.

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4 Responses to Just guessing…

  1. Ysharros says:

    Eh, who cares? I get a ridiculous amount of traffic from an eye-candy House photo I posted on some totally throwaway post last autumn. Do I care that people showing up probably go “wtf this isnt house im outa hear an i dun no punctuashun” (come to think of it, Punctuation is probably too big a word for them)? I do not.

    Then again I don’t give much of a stuff about traffic either. Though I *was* a little startled the other day when I took a gander through search engine terms to my blog and “deaf girl sex” was one of them. Pretty sure I didn’t write a post on that. (Or on Weeds which that presumably referred to.)

    • shadowwar says:

      Hahaha, deaf girl sex. That’s awesome.

      Normally I wouldn’t notice, but the increase was intense. It’s even more today. Over 4k hits. I did a test, and confirmed that it is google searches. The image for my original post is the fourth or fifth in a list of “google images”, proving that nothing drives the internet like horny boys looking for some sweater kittens to fap too.

  2. Castamere says:

    I only started reading your blog because I needed my daily quota of Mad Men fap material and you came up on Google. What a happy accident!

    Although being a fan of said serious I can’t blame the poor souls who came here looking for some dirt on Joan.

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