We’re Not Friends

We are not pals. Or buds. Or compadres.

I am not your chief, your champ, your guy, or your friend.

Calling someone this in a message, whom you do not know from the stranger down the street, is a sure-fired way to instantly make them dislike you. Just because we both play on the same server, doesn’t mean I even like you. Don’t use these terms.

God, I’m angry lately. So close to freedom. The confinement is getting to me!

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11 Responses to We’re Not Friends

  1. Brian Inman says:

    Shadowwar, I agree. I took a management class at my work, and that exact topic was covered. It is considered unprofessional, and insincere to use champ, buddy, etc. It is basically telling that person you don’t care enough about them to remember their name. You talk to people by addressing them by their names.

  2. OneShard says:

    Are you confined due to the little-un? Are you able to get the pram and go for a walk? I have to lovely little girls and long walks with the pram did wonders.

    • shadowwar says:

      We can’t take her out to places until she’s had her shots by doctors orders. Oh sweet Jesus, I can’t wait until we can.

  3. Slurms says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty unprofessional. Thats why whenever I have to send emails off to the corporate offices I usually start off with, “WASUP MUTHAFUCKERS!?”

  4. erbsenbrei says:

    Nothing is more delightful than getting addressed as ‘bro’, ‘pal’, ‘bud’ or ‘dude’ constantly by people that can’t even type proper sentences. I just love it, needless to say that the second you do that I look down on you for being as stupid as you obviously are.

  5. Castamere says:

    I’m not your buddy, guy!

  6. Mr. Meh says:

    It’s a mix though. It really depends on the person. As a manager in an old school industry informal responses is a way internally to make someone feel apart of the team.

    When a senior manager (not all cases) refers to you as bud or some other seemingly demeaning title, it’s generally a sign of placement. You are no longer a little replaceable shit, you are a valued team member. Example:

    “Hey man,
    I need that report by 2 for my meeting with Tom.

    Thanks buddy,
    Your old ass manager.”

    I see it as a friendly reminder.

    When I write an email to someone competent, it’s generally informal. As soon as I use your name in the email, that is clear sign that professionalism is ingame because you are not doing your job.


    I need that report before 2PM today.

    Thank you,

    Rueben Sandwich
    Manager of Asshat Enterprises
    Extension 01”

    What seemingly looks like a professional email is normally a clear sign that Steven is so incompetent that I have to send him a damn email reminding of his one daily task besides talking about the damn game on Sunday. Use of names and titles in an email is fair indication your manager would love to go back in time and hire that hot intern. Jeez, the mistakes I have made.

    The first time my CEO wrote me an email and didn’t end it with his normal formal signature, I about went into tears of joy. In a meeting he called me “pal” and I wanted to hug him.

    I guess it’s different for everyone. The only thing I don’t like being called, is “sir”. I cringe everytime I get called it.

    I guess it really all in context.

    • Mr. Meh says:

      Damn it, no editing replies WordPress. “I guess it’s really all in the context.”

    • shadowwar says:

      I’ll agree that long term periods of working with others can lead to use of informal and more casual conversations, especially in the quick turn around of emails on internal servers. This is something that doesn’t spring up over night though, and is not something that should ever be used on first contact or with people you’ve never even spoken to previously.

      I work in the construction industry as a designer, and my wife works for a national bank that has all the regimented PC bullshit of big brother listening to your every word to make sure you don’t offend a coworkers fourth cousin once removed. When she heard me talk to a Project Manager on the phone about a foreman being a giant douche bag, she almost popped a gasket. If she had heard the PMs words (far more obscene than mine) she probably would have been poleaxed.

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