Patience, I no longer has it

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent too much time in gaming communities. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the same conversations rehashed ad nauseum that I have worn out any patience. Maybe I’m just tired from my daughter keeping me up nights, so I’m more on edge. Maybe because I haven’t been able to play hardly at all the last three weeks, I need some “decompress” time. Or maybe, just maybe, the person on the other side of forum really is just a moron.

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t feel frustrated by people who are completely unable to read and comprehend the logical talking points of a discussion. I wouldn’t feel the need to later deconstruct the same argument down into its various segmented components in trying to clarify in perfect simplicity why their counter-points do not apply. It the not-so-distant past, I would never have boggled at the complete ineptitude of other people to understand conceptual intent and implementation into a live system. The old me would never have pulled his hair out at the seemingly aggressive ignorance people present when faced with point-by-point comparisons that negates their earlier assertions.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding myself far less likely to let absurd comments go unchecked. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. On one hand, it feels great to see someone else resort to ad-hominem attacks, and unsubstantiated claims. On the other hand, I don’t truly achieve anything.

Oh well.