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I’ve been rockin’ out on the various forums for WAR the last couple of days. Talking about a whole slew of things, getting into discussions, heated and casual about everything from Nerfed Buttons, the viability of a Shadow Warrior in a duel against a DoK, the necessity of a shield for a tank in RvR, or what the best specialization is for aKnight of the Blazing Sun in a bomb group. I’m all over the place, and if you frequent any WAR forums, you’ve probably run into me there.

It’s probably obvious, but I love to be a part of a game’s community, and forums are a big part of that experience. I spend a lot of time on the forums. More than I will ever admit to my employer! I’m used to the flames, the trolls, the arguments, the senseless hyperbole and terrible, terrible logic people employee to back up their claims. I often use crazy analogies, or even hyperbole in an obvious juxtaposed way to highlight flaws in another person’s claims, statements, or arguments.

That said, I had a real shocker today, not 20 minutes ago. After a long discussion with another player on the officials, they brought up the point that Nerfed Buttons was obviously wrong because people complained about it. Well, this type of unsupported, twisted logic wasn’t going to go unnoticed by me. So I countered with this gem:

“People complaining about something means it’s wrong? Or needs to be removed? All those militia members in Kentucky can finally have their dream come true of the removal of our Nation’s government then!”

I thought I was being pretty obvious in use of extreme hyperbole to highlight a silly premise, and yet, someone comes at me with this shining example of the idiocy of political correctness:

“Wow, seriously?

While some eastern counties in Kentucky do have some of the highest rates of poverty in the country, there is no regional epicenter of radicalism in the state.  Using socio-ethnic bigotry is not the best way to get others to take your argument seriously.  In fact, if anything, it simply makes you look like a tool.

Mods, please edit inappropriate content equally.  I submit that calling someone a d-bag because they don’t agree with you, is no more egregious than the use of hate-speech.” -Bryckk

Man, the things people get upset over. Unless this guy is a militia member in Kentucky who doesn’t want the removal of the U.S. Government, he has no grounds to be offended. Political correctness is all about taking on the offense for someone else. You get to express outrage by proxy. I said something similar on the boards, but want to say a little bit more here:

Go screw yourself. Seriously. This feigned offense at random comments has done more to hamper honest communication in today’s society than anything else. You can’t say two words without having some PC jack-off come tell you that what you’re doing is wrong and might hurt someone’s feelings. As if the rest of the world needs to have their emotions and sensibilities cloistered and covered from the harsh language of the outside world. Grow the fuck up, and stop crying out as the slings and arrows of outrageous accusations hit SOMEONE ELSE. Take care of your own situation, and if someone finds offence with something that actually relates to them, let THEM deal with it.

To quote Denis Leary, “I can’t believe I have to get pissed off by this shit.”


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3 Responses to Forum WARrior

  1. Anon says:

    That guys rediculous. Haven’t read all his dumb trolling comments before? Haha do an @ thread for him so we can all have a laugh.

  2. theerivs says:

    How do I join said militia? do they do semi-homoerotic activities like polishing their guns? I can’t wait to sign up.

    BTW quoting Denis gets you major points my friend. 🙂

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