Eve: Day 11

Ezekeil Rage, Log Book, Day 11

My Ibis has been back to full working order since I returned from the last mining job. The ship I talked about in the last entry to mine that ore was the company’s, and took a big chunk out of my pay. At least now that I have my own ship, I’m hoping that I can see a bigger profit share from whatever work I do. The Ibis isn’t much, but it’s a start and it’s dependable.

I’ve been speaking with a number of various employers around the station, trying to pick up the mood of the place and see where I can best make some isk. The little work I did for Unash seems to at least have gotten me an “in” with the business crowd here, and confirmed I know how to flip a mining laser on. I expect that any possible work I do here is going to be crouched in assessment jobs to make sure I’m not completely incompetent. I don’t know who hopes more I will be able to perform to task, myself or the ones hiring. We’ll see how it goes.

On the plus side, found a track to do some runs on. There’s an entire artificial field for this stuff, and fairly cheap too. The juxtaposition of the various areas of the ship continues to make an impression on me. The initial docking area and quarters I found myself in on arriving here made think this was some back-water impoverished corner of the State, but the size, scope, and quality of this field is just one huge counter point to that idea. Where the corridors below had dirty faces and people wrapped in rags, crowding corridor with exposed vents and piping, with ramshackle lean-to’s selling who-knows-what, this place is diametrically opposite. Real grass, manicured to perfection lines running paths perfectly laid out along hills and slopes that reveal breathtaking views of green expanses and flower beds as you rise each crest. The running path twists and turns in upon itself that I was able to get a 30 minute run in the area of maybe four city blocks. Trees offer shade against the false sun from one side, and a giant viewport on the other gives a great glimpse at the traffic coming and going from the station.

All that said, I don’t fell particularly bad for those who dwell in the lower sections of this building. Considering my situation and the ease with which I’ve been able to secure a modest level of comfort here, I can’t imagine there’s anything really keeping them from achieving greater success. It makes me wonder a bit why they don’t strive to improve their situation. What keeps them from rising out of the grime to take a place in relative comfort?

Idle musings I suppose. What’s important is to focus on the now. I’m hoping to have some more exhilarating job possibilities tomorrow. A little security or maybe some courier work, where I can really put the lead out and put my ass in the seat of my ship, we’ll see.


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