2010, Welcome Back!

After the holiday break, welcome back everyone. I hope all had a merry time and spent it with family and loved ones. I also hope that you got to squeeze in some gaming time. I don’t know about others, but I’ve always found that the holiday’s offered less opportunity to spend on our collective hobby than the rest of the year. Still, even with all that was going on for me, I got in some gaming, and had an interesting time with the family.

My Christmas break was spent in the hospital for the most part (for obvious reasons), but I got to return home the day after Christmas with my wife +1. The weekend was spent in a blurry haze of naps and late nights, and lots of TV marathons. Monday I returned to work, and a slightly more normal routine. I got to romp about the world of WAR with my guild, which has been bursting at the seams of late with people. We’ve had a major revitalization of the guild, and I continue to be amazed by it, we have 8 people on at one time the other day, and there was even a warband being led in our vent. It was spooky, and a bit uncomfortable to tell the truth. I have no fear of Blitz ever becoming a zerg guild, or anything even close to it, but memories of vent channels with five people all speaking at the same time still bring about the frequent blepharospasm (thanks to my friend getting her doctorate in Pharmacy for that $10 word).

My Knight is coming along quite nicely, I hit RR57 just yesterday, I have my full set of Invader gear filled for the most part with the talismans I want. I also got my 2-handed weapon from Lost Vale, thanks to the continued assistance and urging of my guild leader to convince us to do the hated PvE task. None of us like doing it, so I appreciate it all the more. Lastly, the guild got 37 just the other day, so we have our fast mounts now. All these changes so close together and I really feel like a beast on my KotBS now. More than before, I feel like a strong entity on the field of battle, able to help swap the tide. I can only hope that the enemy is starting to recognize my Knight for more than just my guild tag or the allies at my side.

As for other gaming, my goals fell drastically short of what I wanted.

  • I didn’t even get close to 30 in Gemstone, I got to 27. No surprise here.
  • I never TOUCHED Assassin’s Creed, or Torchlight. Actually most sad about this.
  • I barely got to log into Champions. Unenthused overall, fun game, no depth, no connections.
  • My Order goals for WAR became null and void as my guild returned. And the goals for my DoK transferred to my Knight, which I not only met, but surpassed. My DoK made it to 49, he needs more love, but it’s not going to happen until life has settled down more.

My goals were partially destined to fail thanks to my sojourn into the universe of Eve. That game is so damn fun, I was/am enthralled by it. I bit the bullet and subscribed for a month. Of all the potential games out there right now, this is actually the easiest for me to play now. Gaining new skills is done passively, and easily handled by the new skill queuer system, and the early stages fo the game can be easily done one-handed, by just using the mouse. There’s not a whole lot of need for keyboard use when doing high-sec PvE stuff. I am intending to return to the fiction writing I was doing to go along with my gaming, I will need to do some extra-vigilant writing to play catch up from the lapsed time, but I have some ideas for that (it’s easier to do in a journal-style of writing, but I’m also considering dropping that method to a more third person maybe, I don’t know, need to think).

I also had one of my most interesting times in Eve, just last night. I’ve been mostly hoping around the same couple of systems in the Lonetrek region for the last few weeks. Over this New Year’s holiday, I progressed past the base tutorials into doing missions for agents outside of the “newbie station”. I’ve amassed quite a decent fleet of Caldari Frigates, and have been mostly cruising in my Merlin with a 150mm railgun, a rocket launcher, a missile launcher, and a tech 1 salvager. So far, no missions have presented any problems. But back to last night.

I got a bug up my butt to check out the mining aspect of the game, and wanted to see if I could make some money doing that. I had gotten a Badger during my tutorials as a reward for some missions, and figured that its massive cargo size (6k+ cubic meters) would be beneficial to mining. I was sorely mistaken. The beast is a slow lumbering sloth, with only one turret slot, which means slow, SLOW mining operation to do it that way. I got the bright idea of buying a second Merlin with its two turret slots, and mining that way. With two miners, and two missile launchers, I figured I’d be decently equipped just in case anything came along, my biggest downside was the exponentially smaller cargo hold (< 200 cubic m.). My brilliant plan was to just jettison the ore, and keep transferring what I harvested into the canister. My plan was solid! I sat at the asteroid belt, harvesting ore for maybe 10 minutes, I even saw someone in a Hulk strip mining asteroids, a very cool sight. Giant orange beams blasting into rock, the spray of the laser streaming off into the void around it, the noise from 20 km away so powerful it drowned out my own turrets. This was a ship meant to mine, and someone who was serious about it, at least, it seemed that way from my place. I idly toyed with the idea of attacking the hauler, but quickly dismissed it as a fool’s errand.

I did see a ship jump nearby to me though, and on my overview, the icon had a yellow box, which I thought meant fair game. He was in a Merlin as well, and I thought this was a great chance for a square fight. I locked onto the fellow, and opened up with my missiles. In my frenzied focus, I didn’t pay attention to the cruiser with the red icon that came up on me and start to unload on me. I wasn’t even thinking of paying attention to it. I was in 0.7 space, and I figured I was safe from everyone but my target, but apparently not. So, I warped back to my station in my pod, jumped into my offensive Merlin (with shield rechargers and other war gear), and flew back to blow this guy away. I failed miserably, and I knew I was going to fail within the first 30 seconds, but by then it was too late, I saw the tell-tale bluish-white haze around me that told me I had been warp-disrupted. There was to be no escape. I learned a couple lessons last night.

  1. Don’t let down my guard, even in high-sec space.
  2. A frigate will never beat a cruiser, I barely dented his shields.
  3. I need to learn more of the rules to the game, to be sure that when I choose to behave dangerously, I’m actually choosing it, and not just falling into it.

Anyway, the game is awesome fun, and I’m really enjoying finding out more of how the game works, and look forward to spending some more time in it this month. I just need focus. I want to do everything. I want to mine, to manufacture, to scout, and to blow shit up with missile barrages. It  just all takes time.


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2 Responses to 2010, Welcome Back!

  1. theerivs says:

    I don’t like the death penalty in Eve. IF I got jumped in space, and lost everything. IP addresses will be tracked, and I will gank fools IRL

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s not that bad. I have just shy of 3 million isk. IIRC those Merlin’s cost 160k. Throw in the fittings and I maybe lost 200k per. I can handle such a small fee for learning a very valuable lesson (any another I forgot about: make sure your insurance is up to date!).

      Worst case: getting podded, which, as far as I know, doesn’t mean anything if you have a proper clone set up. In EVE, if you have a clone, death is just money. Skills are forever 😉

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