Invasion Imminent

Some of this might be redundant from what I talked about in Blood Fields, but I have points that I want to expandon a bit further than what I went into their.

I reached Renown Rank 54 on my Knight last evening, and made some headway into 55. Invader gear is right around the corner, I just need to make talismans for it all now. I’ve been playing the Knight almost exclusively of late, and it has been incredible fun. There are most definitely times when I miss the relative killing power of my Shadow Warrior, but most of the time, I’m just happy to be alive, useful, and a more versatile tool.

Unlike most Knights, I don’t run around with a shield. I carry my claymore with pride, and my group is glad for it, because the extra damage I bring sometimes means that healer is going to drop, or that MDPS is going to need to pay attention to me. I said it elsewhere, but I wish that shields were more effective. I far and beyond prefer the apperance of the KotBS with a shield over a two-hander. The designs and looks of the kite shields are just incredible. Detailed and rendered in motifs of flames and skulls that really stand out above almost anything else I’ve seen in this game. I’d say, that the shield is probably a small reason I started playing one. If only they would get used in PvP…

See, the problem I have, is that the majority of the time, the shield isn’t worth it for the way my group plays. We are heavily, HEAVILY into AoE. We try to bomb as many people down as possible. I don’t use Heaven’s Fury for the stagger most of the time. Sure I drop it when charging in, but mostly for the interupt of casting time, and the extra AoE damage. Follow that up with a staggering impact, my All out Assault ticking away, and my arcing swing, and people just lost 2-3k HP. A great way to soften up the masses for the BW who’s trailing behind me to mop up, especially if I end the rotation with a No Escape for 1200 damage, and a “You’re not going anyhwere bitches.” for 5 seconds. As a side note, God I miss the old No Escape, 600 damage, morale 2, and 10 second unbreakable root /lament.

All that said, a good chunk of that damage I could still do with a one-hander (except for Arcing Swing, wtb Chosen version so I can use it with a one-hander!). However, and this is a major caveat, the survivability of a shield just isn’t worth it. Virtually every time I play in my group, I die last. Unless I do something stupid like extend the length of three football fields to get through the front lines of the enemy, and go around corners out of sight of the healers, I die last, WITH a two-hander. If we’re in the middle of a crazy fight, I die last. Unless there’s a second tank, then he may die last, and I die, second-t0-last. Survivability has reached it’s maximum if I’m already dropping last.

Some people argue that it will take pressure of the healers to keep the DPS up, to which I say, fiddlesticks! Yes, my guild has some absolutely astounding and amazing healers, without whom, we as a group would never succeed. Still, we work hard in our guild, as all members, to keep our survivability cranked up pretty high. For instance, our tanks do not, I repeat, DO NOT, run with Focused Offense. It’s just a bad idea. Because of this, we’re all pretty sturdy, and I’ve never heard any of our healers say they had a hard time keeping us alive with less than 12 people beating on us.

Still, this does have some drawbacks. If our DPS classes aren’t around, or wer’re shy on DPS, opponents who have an over-abundance of healers will always be difficult. For instance, our group of two tanks, three healers landed in a scenario on Sunday that pitted us against five shamans, two DoKs, and one Zealot. Yes, eight out of twelve enemies were healers. The sad part is, I didn’t realize this until after I had gotten in combat, so I was unable to swap out tactics for Shatter Confidence until there were 3 minutes left to the match. Similarly, we went into a city instance that had more healers than I could shake a fist at, and I recognized almost every single name. Noone from our group was dieing, but neither were they. The ultimate standoff of boring.

As the game stands right now though, I wouldn’t go back to playing my SW, and I’ll never pick up a shield for PvP.


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14 Responses to Invasion Imminent

  1. Blazeric says:

    If only we had a good burst damage ability. Oh well, glad to see you are enjoying the knight.

  2. Werit says:

    I have a KotBS alt in the wings. Always planned to have him use a 2h, while my IB uses a shield.

  3. theerivs says:

    I love my shield. I just like being that guy surrounded by 5 Order beating on me, while my brethren pick off the rest of you.

    One time I was just sitting there as a shammie healed me, and 3 order trying to kill me. Then a helpful Witch Elf, killed all 3 of them, one bye one…It was funny.

    • shadowwar says:

      I guess the point I was making, is that the shield didn’t really do much to increase your survivability there. If you had been using a two-hander, with that shamman healing you, you probably would have stayed up, and maybe finished off one of the people before the WE showed up.

      Or, if they had half a mind, they would have jumped all over the shamman, but with your two-hander, you’d do enough to take one down while they focused the healer. Outside of PvE or orchestrated duels, I have yet to play in a situation where I wish I had my shield equipped.

      • Werit says:

        When using my Block Morale, Oathstone and other shield required attacks, I think it really does help. How can blocking 10+ attacks in a row not help?

      • shadowwar says:

        That’d be awesome in PvE when those hits are landing on you for 3-5k, coming from one source that you can keep directly in front of you.

        When in PvP, and that’s all coming at you for much smaller amounts and some you’re not going to be able to block just on the basis of they’re on your flank or rear, it’s not so great. Additionally, if all of that is coming at you, chances are, everyone else is dead (or the enemy is retarded or everyone else is in their mid 30’s), and nothing you do will help you. Tanks die last, and being the last to die, only more-so, usually isn’t worth it.

        They way to get me to use a shield:

        Make arcing swing useable with a one-hander. Chosen can, so should we.
        Create a lot more CC for shield users baseline, other than the one KD we have to spec for.
        Allow us to block on a 260 degree arc, so that only our rear is actually completely vulnerable (whether through tactic or change in mechanics).

        That’d pretty much do it for me.

      • Attic says:

        I don’t think that adding more shield restricted CC alone will allow S&B to be viable in PvP. It’s a good first step, but ultimately I believe Mythic needs to do for shield tanks is to allow them to contribute more to their groups overall mitigation beyond just Guard, HtL, and Challenge. Right now those 3 skills are all that really separates the tank archetype from the MDPS, and two of them are just as effective sans shield as with.

        Ideally I would like to see Mythic do for the tank classes what it’s already done for (most of) the healing classes; provide two almost completely separate yet still useful roles depending on spec and equipment. I.E. you can either be a 2 hander DPS tank with solid damage, good personal survivability, but little group mitigation and poorer CC or a shield tank with good group mitigation and better CC, good personal survivability, and poor damage. Much like how (again most) healers can chose between doing damage or support.

        As an example of what I mean, imagine if the Knight’s tanking tree looked like this.

        Perseverance: Will now effect all group members within 30 feet if using a shield.

        Repel Darkness: Merge the effect of the Banish Darkness tactic into the base skill, but the cooldown decrease and trajectory change only apply if you’re wearing a shield.

        Shield Rush: Will also decrease your target’s chance to critically hit by 15% for 10 seconds.

        Coordination: Will also apply the parry buff to your defensive target.

        Smashing Counter: Requires a shield to be used.

        Laurels Of Victory: Will now reduce your group member’s chance to be critically hit by 5% and reduce the bonus damage from critical hits by 50%.

        With changes like this a shield Knight could really help reduce the damage their group is taking. Apply similar changes to the other tanks, perhaps with some damage reductions on one handers or a damage penalty attached to the shield, and you make shield tanks much more viable as support characters.

        Of course, these kinds of changes have their own issues but on the whole I think it would positively affect the game.

  4. Chris says:

    What spec/tactics do you run? I’ve been getting a knight up to help my group (my main is a BW, but we have a lot of those and no nights), and pondering which way to go.

    • Chris says:

      And by nights I of course meant knights. Off to get my coffee.

    • shadowwar says:

      I roll with this (aside: how happy are we, that WarDB finally updated?). AoE the crap out of everything. As far as auras, if I’m the only knight in the group, it’s usually All out Assault! (the damage pulse), On Your Guard! (reflective damage), and Gather Your Resolve! (resists). If our second Knight is there, one of us will drop GYR and OYG for Stand Strong! and Press the Attack!.

  5. Mr. Meh says:

    As a Melee, I go after Tanks with 2Hs. I don’t know how it is with KoBS, but when I see a Chosen with a GW, I practically make a B line right for them.

    Taking down 2Her tanks is a great way to eliminate guards.

    • shadowwar says:

      I love it when melee come after me. It tickles my insides with joy and wonder. Most Knights don’t run around with the damage auras, and I’m not sure if chosen do either, but beyween OYG and Shield of the Sun, MDPS kill themselves on me in no time. I demolished a RR7x WE that I ran into solo when I was still in my 40s. Most tanks with a GW run with Focused Offense, which is why you burn them down so easily, they foolishly toss out a third of their armor, one of their greatest assets.

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