Eve: Day 3

Approaching the StationEzekeil Rage, Log Book, Day 3

The meeting turned out to be rather dull. Merely some mid-level commercial exec by the name of Unash, looking to hire another hand to do some probe reconnaissance for anomalies and maybe some mining. In particular, she had requested to speak with me due to the state in which my ship arrived, her excuse was that my condition made it clear I could come out of a tight situation, but the subtext was clear. I was in a bind, and needed to get any work I could if I wanted to have any hope at life. The little information she had gathered on me, she took from what she made clear had been garnered from the transmission codes my ship sent to the station upon seeking refuge. Maybe I’m too cautious, but there was no chance I was going to show my poor hand to a potential employer, so I accepted her deal, and left for my quarters to await repairs on my ship.

The lift hummed softly as it sped me away from the upper levels of station Arkianavas III. I found it ironic when I learned it was named The School of Applied Knowledge given my situation, and nothing I had experienced since had changed that outlook. Looking out through the thick glass of the capsule let me gaze across the expanse of space that surrounded me. Stars glimmered through hazy beige clouds of particulate floating through time, unhindered by the interference of man upon its path. Carried by gravitational forces so powerful, yet subtle, that their inextricable path was not to be impeded. The light from each star became scattered and refracted as it passed through the clouds, producing a soft ethereal glow on the hard metal constructions placed in the heavens. The blue persistent lights harshly, dotting the hulls of the station, vainly competing with the splendor of what nature had already provided. The only interference to my view the steady interruptions of metal bracing in my glass tube, each one casting shadows across my form. Shaking my head from the reveries, I turned away from the view, and waited patiently for the movement to cease, and in very little time, the panel to the side of the door indicated my return to the belly of the school.

This morning, I awoke early, just before the overly chirpy ping of an alarm started up, performing it’s job as a reminder to my unconscious self to get moving, and do the work I had ahead of me. I am consistently curious about who I am, and what I could have done before docking in this corner of the universe. I have habits and behaviors that I fall into, without fail, every day. Coming awake before an alarm clock goes off being one of the more subtle and innocuous of them. I found myself feeling antsy and pent-up after rising from bed, and an inexorable urge to run, not towards or away from anything, but just run. The best description I can give, is that of an itch you are unable to reach. You know it’s there, and that nothing would be more satisfying than to run your fingernails across the offending spot, but no matter how hard you try, you are unable to reach it with. Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll do some laps around corridors or find some type of gymnasium. All I have to look forward today is popping probes into space, and adjusting their sensors to try to hunt down some collapsed wormholes, or maybe some concentrations of a valuable ore, or even better, the floating remnants of some lost asteroid-civilization!

I just re-read that last sentence, it seems I favor irony.


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