I wanted to post up a series of screenshots taken from EVE. So, for visual stimulus, continue reading.

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Eve: Day 3

Approaching the StationEzekeil Rage, Log Book, Day 3

The meeting turned out to be rather dull. Merely some mid-level commercial exec by the name of Unash, looking to hire another hand to do some probe reconnaissance for anomalies and maybe some mining. In particular, she had requested to speak with me due to the state in which my ship arrived, her excuse was that my condition made it clear I could come out of a tight situation, but the subtext was clear. I was in a bind, and needed to get any work I could if I wanted to have any hope at life. The little information she had gathered on me, she took from what she made clear had been garnered from the transmission codes my ship sent to the station upon seeking refuge. Maybe I’m too cautious, but there was no chance I was going to show my poor hand to a potential employer, so I accepted her deal, and left for my quarters to await repairs on my ship.

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