Keg End 2009

KeggyThe live event for Warhammer started yesterday. For those who were around this time last year, it will be familiar, as the celebrations and the holiday are the same. Keg End has returned, and brought with it all the drunken debauchery, frantic release of fireworks (which I’ve oddly not seen any yet), and inebriated, whole-sale slaughter of everything that you would expect from a holiday in the world of WAR. This years live event tasks seems particularly easy to achieve than previous events. Mostly it consists of a lot of /boast’ing to enemies (dead AND alive) and /toast’ing of allies. Of course there’s the requisite kill X numbers of the enemies, and a few side track missions to cross out the other bullet points required to get the event item.

Of course, maybe that’s why I feel a bit lackluster about this event, it’s been boiled down to overly simple tasks that most anyone could finish in just a few hours play time. Maybe that was the intent, to give all of us winter gamers an easily reachable goal in the hectic heart of the holidays. Intended or not though, it feels somewhat disappointing to me, as I was looking forward to an event as spectacular as the events we’ve had earlier this year. We didn’t need a repeat of assassin’s marks, or masks of awesomitude, but something on the same level would have been good. Still, I can’t complain too much, the refurbished Black Fire Basin has come back, and it’s freakin’ awesome how it is now, if you’re not camping the enemy spawn that is.


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