Adam Gershowitz briefly explains the underdog system. As he says himself, it’s a simple system. I’ve remained mostly quiet on the system itself, not really having a fully realized opinion on the matter yet. It seems like it can be a good thing, but I can also see it being nothing more than a speed-bump for the dominating side, as opposed to an actual boon to the losers. Honestly though, I’m okay with that. If they could just get realm balance down, the underdog system would be far more beneficial I think. Anyway, have a read of it if you have somehow missed this news.


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One Response to Underdog

  1. Brian Inman says:

    I am with you on this. I just see it as a speedbump too.

    I would rather see each race be its own faction, and have their own capital cities, and Destruction and Order have less meaning.

    Could you imagine six factions fighting with each other, making alliances?

    You have to have a way for players to form an alliance to overthrow the other factions, and keep everything in balance.

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