The Garden of EvE


I really, really, really want to play EvE. Like, for real-real. I gave it a go a while back, and it was fun, but the getting-to-know you part was massively involved. I was also completely besoten with WAR at the time, so giving any other game serious attention was outside of the picture for me. I want to play a SciFi game. I want a sandbox. I want PvP. All of these things are possible in EvE, and I never stuck it out because I was afraid of always being behind the curve, as well as fear of being a complete and utter noob all over again. Still, it’s a space based game…

I’m a bit of an outlier I think, in that I far prefer Science Fiction to fantasy. When it comes to Warhammer, 40k is my preference. Tyranids, Tau, and Daemonhunters are my armies of choice. In novels, I actually like science fiction more. The Ender saga can’t be beat as far as I’m concerned, except maybe by Phillip K. Dick. Do Androids Dream… was an astoundingly great book, with a decent movie made of it. I like playing SciFi games more as well, particularly ones with giant robots. Armored Core makes my pants tight each time I hop in the cockpit, and Mirror’s Edge is in my top five favorite games of all time.

Space itself transfixes me, I think it’s beautiful. One of the things I remember most about EvE was how gorgeous the scenery is. Flying through dust clouds, and seeing purple nebulas in the distance, and the reflection of a star off a planet’s surface. They did an incredible job at rendering the beauty of space, and I hear they recently made it even better.

So, I want to play this game. I want to give it a good, serious, concerted effort at overcoming the hurdles of getting a foot up in this game. So, are there any readers out there who play or have played this particular title, that could give some advice to a noob. I mean the whole gamut, from character creation to travel. I’m as clueless as a swaddled babe.

Oh, and did I mention they use some righteously good techno in their promo video? Yeah, pure win.

Edit: Somehow, I lost my first paragraph of this post. I have just now re-added it.


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9 Responses to The Garden of EvE

  1. Castamere says:

    I hear all these great stories about EVE, how can your imagination not run wild when you hear these tales of people rigging up their ship, traversing wormholes, and smuggling goods and money through low sec space under the constant threat of piracy and attack?

    Yet everytime I try, fresh off of the tutorial, I hit the learning curve’s 90 degree incline and fall flat. The game is gorgeous, the environments evocative, and they keep adding GREAT content for free and yet I just can’t get into it.

    While my wife is the big trekkie/trekker, whatever you call it between the two of us from what I’ve seen of STO it appears to be more accessible. However Cryptic is Cryptic and STO is FAR from EVE, but I suppose if I want to get my space operatic MMO on it’s going to be there because EVE continues to chew me up and spit me out, all the while laughing at my lacking intelligence to get over its Mount Everest sized learning curve.

  2. OneShard says:

    I love Eve, but it can suck your life away. Have you tried reading the novel to get you in the mood? If you do anything when you go back, try above all else to find yourself a good corporation it will turn that mountain of a learning curve into a gentle slope. Not many game experiences can match being 1 hour into enemy controlled space with a small band of fast moving ships. Hiding and attacking a much larger force and knowing at any point you can find yourself in a pod home…

    • shadowwar says:

      I have not read the novel, didnt’ even know there was one. Like Castamere, the game chews me up and spits me out every time. I’m hoping this time, I can climb that wall, and hit the marathon stride with the game.

  3. Mr. Meh says:

    It would be good to get into if this was 2006. But its not, so you are at a serious disadvantage.

    And unless you are willing to buy a premade toon and lots of game cards, you will always be at a serious disadvantage.

    I miss it so much sometimes.

  4. Mr. Meh says:

    Oh, as for advice.

    —–> <—-

    Everything you need to know. Everything!!!!! I repeat over and over, do not ignore this site.

    You also need EFT ship building mod. (3rd party application)
    You DEFINATELY NEED without a doubt, EVEMON.

    If you don't get EVEMON, you are DOOMED. It's your everything. Its almost more important then the game.

    I know it's boring, but if you want to play for more than 2 weeks, you need to train your Learning Skills first. Training to the standard 4/5 in all training will pay for itself in the first month of play, but is boring as hell. You will regret in month 2 if you don't.

    Don't B line to big ships. Too many idiots rush to a BS and never think that their skills are not enough. Master the Frig, then the cruiser. And BCs are more fun than BSs anyway.

    Any other advice is mute until you understand what I am saying. If you get into it, you will probably spike my interest back in.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, all of that was mostly gibberish. I remember reading about learning skills being imporant to learn first. Other than that *woosh*. Really, what kind of role I want to play as a pilot, is more of a small ship scout/fast attack type. I don’t know what possibilities are really available in game, but that’s one that really interests me.

      I don’t know if racial choices make any impact at all, but what I read of the Caladari resonates most with me, with either the Achura or the Deteis bloodlines. After that, I’ll see where it takes me, but I presume the first couple weeks are basically spent mining and building up some money while your skills are learned.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        There are four factions and then 3 races inside of each. This is only to pick appearance though. You can train whatever you want. You can be Amarian and fly Caldari ships all you want.

        What you do in the beginning does not limit or benifit you later.

        Yeah, if you start Caldari, you will also start with some very basic shield and missile skills, along with lvl 3 Caladri frig.

        It would take all of an hour (off line) training to fly the same level in Gallente.

        In other words, there are no permanent classes. You could be Logistics( Healer) one second and then undock in an Interceptor (Light Fast DPS) the next. You can do whatever you want, it’s just about time.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Also no to your mining question.

        You don’t ever have to mine. EVER.

        Run missions, build influence with a NPC corp, thats the best way to make money and advance.

  5. Slurms says:

    “Oh, and did I mention they use some righteously good techno in their promo video? Yeah, pure win.”


    I’ve tried EvE 4 times. I can never get the right frame of mind for it. It’s such an epicly involved game that you don’t always have to log into. Just cant connect with it. I think it’s just over the hardcore edge for me. Fallen Earth is just right, waiting to get a feeling like I’ve done enough in LotRO first though. =D

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