Christmas came early

I love Heidi, but really?

I arrived home after work last night to see a nice, little package sitting outside my door. With hope and glee, I snatched up the parcel and ran inside to see what nice things the postal man had brought me. Slicing through the packaging faster than a fat kid goes through cake revealed to me my newest gaming utensil. The n52te. This cool little gadget not only has lots of buttons, but it glows blue too!

Seriously, this is a very cool gift, from a very loving wife. Who walked into the computer room as I was hooking it up to tell me just how loving she is, and how lucky I am to have married her. I waved my hand in a non-committal gesture, and told her that if she’s not having contractions to get in there and bake me some cookies (reality: I agreed with her, and then cooked dinner for the two fo us and we watched some “How I Met Your Mother”).

After dinner and homework was out of the way, I got to sit down and start tinkering with my new toy. This is not a tool to be taken lightly. It is insanely powerful, versatile, and completely foreign to me. Resting my hand on the Belkin instead of my keyboard felt both comfortable and strange at the same time. A juxtaposition not lost on my teammates as I mangled my way through the first scenario. Blessedly, our guild-leader has one of his own as well, and helped walk me through some of the set up and macro-recording that is possible to do with them. I’ve barely grokked the entirety of what I can eventually do with this thing, but I have an idea. They say wisdom comes when you realize just how much you don’t know. If that’s the case, then when it comes to the n52, I’m the freakin’ Dalai Lama.


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14 Responses to Christmas came early

  1. Werit says:

    I am intimidated by the n52.

    • shadowwar says:

      It it intimdating as hell. It really puts my mantra of “options are good” to the limit, and makes me wonder if too many options is a possibility. Not to mention, having to completely relearn muscle memory ingrained with a decade of MMO playing.

  2. Slurms says:

    I’ve been considering getting a gameboard for a while. Why’d you go with the Belkin over the g13?

    • shadowwar says:

      Couple reasons.

      Word of mouth. I’ve just heard more people talk about the Belkin a lot, and really rave over it. People who have the g13 seem to like it as well, but the adoration seems less vociferous.

      Hand in hand with the above, I know people in both my Order and Destro guilds that can help walk me through the Belkin set up and play.

      Ergonomic design of the Belkin just looked a hell of a lot more comfortable.

      Logitech as a brand has never been a strong name for me, all their stuff seems to fall apart or break on me.

      Cool blue lights. It’s shallow and not important in any way, but I really can nerd-up over the cool ethereal glow the Belkin has. I’ve got a thing for the color blue to be honest.

      • Slurms says:

        I’ve gone all Logitech because I’ve never had an issue, but I know what you mean, a couple bad run-in’s with a company and it puts a bad taste in your mouth (why I don’t buy PNY stuff). I’ve always avoided Belkin because there stuff always looked chincy. The n52 looks better built, but didnt Razer have a hand in making it?

        I currently wield a G15 keyboard and an MX Revolution mouse.

        P.S.(you can choose what color you want the G13 to backlight btw)

      • shadowwar says:

        Razer did indead have a hand in making the n52. Everytime I open up the interface for the pad, there’s a gaint green razer logo in the corner. I’ve never bought any Razer hardware, or any gaming gear in general really, so this is a new experience all together for me.

        And yeah, bad purchases from a brand can sour an entire experience. Every headset I’ve ever bought has been Logitech and each has broken in someway within the first two months, not to mention the PoS mouse I bought once to replace one my dog chewed through, or the crappy scanner that never worked without 20 minutes of cajoling first. NEVER buying a product from them again.

      • slurms says:

        Ah, I just stick with Keyboard and mouse from them hehe. Sennheiser headsets all the way, LOOOVE my PC-350’s.

  3. theerivs says:

    You get me all hot when you use big words like Vociferous. LOL!

    Well it will be much more pleasure killing you when I hit ‘1’ and ‘2’…


    • shadowwar says:

      You’ll probably have your best opportunity to do so now, while I’m still getting acclimated to this proponderous device resting under my left hand. (are you hot enough yet?)

      How’s the WE coming? I’m waiting to recieve stabby things in my back that bother me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on my Fnight, but most of these scantly cladded death-vixens make me chuckle so far.

      • theerivs says:

        Actually I’ve been having so much fun on my Chosen again, I kind of put her on the side for now.

      • shadowwar says:

        Right on man, I think I may be playing my BG more than my DoK until I get accustomed to my n52te. If you see a lonely BG named Rrin carrying a glaive, and performing terribly, that’s me.

  4. Chris says:

    My wife bought the N53te for me last year for Christmas it took some getting use to. A year later I feel wierd if I’m not useing it.

    • shadowwar says:

      That’s what I’m looking forward too. Everyone tells me that after a couple hours of playing on it, it will feel like second nature. I’m looking forward to that, I sadly haven’t got to play with it much yet, but am thinking this weekend I might get a good couple our stretch to break through that barrier.

  5. Chris says:

    Sorry N52. Typo

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