Blood Fields

I played my Knight almost exclusively this weekend. The guild is actually hopping in comparison. We even invited two people into the guild (an Engie and a WP). It was amazing. I was doing SCs almost non-stop, rolling fools left and right with our group. My poor DoK and BG are going to get so neglected if this continues. Of course, Order never made it to IC, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape over that, not when I have scenarios almost all the time to keep me occupied.

The best thing about having the guild back, is that we run AoE bomb groups. At one point we had three Bright Wizards, two Knights of the Blazing Sun, two Warrior Priests, a Shadow Warrior, and an Archmage (not all guildies but mostly). We just rolled over whoever we came up against. A roving blender of fire and steel that turned any opposition into tastey, bite-sized  morsels, and soaking the ground in the entrails and blood of the fallen. My Knight has been great fun, particularly in contrast to my Shadow Warrior. I like living through a battle, and feeling like an asset. Both of those things I found in spades.

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