Dear Sigmar

I’ll jump on the bandwagon, take a little from Column A, and a dash of style from Column B. Wish-lists are being made from bloggers all over the globe for what it is we so desire for the center of our hearts, Warhammer Online. May you get what you want as along as it doesn’t interfere with my rewards! So, without further a-do, my wish list, from the perspective of my Knight.

Dear Sigmar,

Praises be to thee, oh glorious and powerful one. Lord of Battle that guides my sword true. With each mutated Northman I slay, I honor your glory. If you so deem me worthy, this humble servant asks of you some small reward. I seek you, and bring to your attention to issues I see in the world around me.

The blade with which I burn the monsters of the warp from this earth seems to not burn as strongly as it should, nor does it seem to burn…quickly enough, as if some foul magicks of these demons prevent the fire from catching.

The Chosen of Tzeentch also seem to overpower me with twisted powers of chaos that ravage their way through our enemy lines, blades sheathed in spiritual energy, and treating the thickest of armor as little more than paper.

The Shadow Warriors of our elven allies seem to be lost and confused, unsure of their role. Their arrows lack potency, and miss their mark, proving ineffective on the battlefield. I know they do not hold to the faith as strongly as I, but spare them misfortune on the field, for their cause is my own.

Blackguards continue to fall to the wayside, as they are forced to their solitary existence by the other forces of Destruction. And I thank you for the continued protection you surely extend around me from the perils of Chaos’ Magi. I know that without your hand, surely these twisted creatures would surely devastate much more of the Empire.

Supplies are running low, and discovering powerful weapons seems to be more difficult with each passing day, I seek that you use your influence to bring about a resolution to this shortage we have. Be it in the troves of an enemies keep, or at the remnants of a field objective recently re-captured. Point our eyes to what we may use to further your cause.

Lastly, I am concerned at grumblings I hear of some third army gathering. Not knowing their alignment, they could side with any force currently in this WAR. Whether to join those of us who fight for Order and Sigmar to turn the tide of battle and push Destruction back to their Inevitable City, or to lock ranks with the enemy and wipe Altdorf from the face of the world for ever. I dare not say it, but perhaps even worse would be an enemy so powerful that it threatened to slaughter us and our current enemy. If this were to happen my lord, what possible solution could there be?

Forever your servant,

Karstaedt, Knight of the Blazing Sun


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13 Responses to Dear Sigmar

  1. theerivs says:

    Dear Karstaedt,

    Bite me


  2. Blazeric says:

    We worship Myrmidia not Sigmar. Geez at least get who we worship right if you are a knight. You don’t want to be expelled from the order do you. 🙂

    • shadowwar says:

      Totally meant Myrmidia…

      What’s Myrmidia the God of anyway? (always been more of a 40k nerd than fantasy)

      • Blazeric says:

        The Knights of the Blazing Sun are an order of templars devoted to the cult of Myrmidia – Goddess of warfare and protector of civilization.

        I really don’t know much about Warhammer lore. Google is my friend.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Warhammer lore nerd here, to correct the error of your ways.

        Though the Empire looks and resembles the monotheistic Holy Roman Empire. You can have sub-gods which even Germany held for some time. Demi-gods if you will.

        Sigmar might be the shit, but he’s not ultimate. The Empire is not Monotheistic. IE Sigmar != God. He equals …. Fonzy or Buddy Holly. He’s like Conan or Hercules. The cult of sigmar resembles templaric backgrounds, but for the reason for strength, not salvation. The Empire actually worships many gods, but all recognize Sigmar as the one human that became a god as a mortal and united human tribes before ultimate doom.

        In Taalabecland they recognize Taal. And old god, the god of harvest. You can find some NPCs that will say “Taal’s Teeth.”

        Taal’s brother, Ulric is one the most followed besides Sigmar. Actually, part of the reason Sigmar was highly revered was becuase Ulric blessed him as a living god amoung men. Ulric represents Winter and the wolves. Middlehiem (not represented in WAR) is a big follower of him. And Nordland along with Kislev all recognize Ulric as the main God.

        Knights of the Blazing Sun give praise beyond Sigmar to a foriegn goddess Myrmidia. She is not a god of the Empire. The knights claim that her statue saved them during an ancient crusade in a foriegn land. She is actually a desert god from Araby (Warhammer Arabian equivilant), beyond Tilea (Venetian/Greek equivilant). Because of their praise, the KoBS are not welcome in some parts of the Empire.

        Wizards (all 8 lores) don’t really hold praise in gods. They see Sigmar, but rarely are holy people. They are more connected with the ways of elves, more then men. Especially those wierd Sage ones.

      • Mr. Meh says:

        Oh so anyways, the point of that was, KoBS hold praise with Myrmidia. But they definately still hold Sigmar high.

        Kind of like being ancient Greek. You might follow Ares into battle, but Zues is still your idol.

  3. theerivs says:

    There is only Chaos Gods…the True Gods. Weakling Southlings!

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  6. CMK says:

    The Raven God will devour you all.

    Oh, and they fixed Ravage already, so there’s one wish down.

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