Dear Sigmar

I’ll jump on the bandwagon, take a little from Column A, and a dash of style from Column B. Wish-lists are being made from bloggers all over the globe for what it is we so desire for the center of our hearts, Warhammer Online. May you get what you want as along as it doesn’t interfere with my rewards! So, without further a-do, my wish list, from the perspective of my Knight.

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New WAR Blog

Literally just saw this guy. He’s only been at it for a little over a month, but he just came to Gorefang from Phoenix Throne. He is my enemy on the battlefield, but I can’t help but respect his talent. An artist and writer by trade, he definitely knows how to draw the femme fatale of WAR.

So, Taransula, welcome to Gorefang, my blogroll, and the WAR-blog community!

If you can’t tell a BW to burn in hell…

What do you tell them to do? Freeze in the void?

I got to thinking of this last night after Iron Rock once again flipped the city to stage 2, and we easily crushed the BWC with about 12 people, 4 of which were sub 40s. The place drops faster than a dress on prom night, and the biggest difficulty was in getting people into the actual city once we hit stage 2. It’s sad, because most people log off now when the city flips, because they are so god-awful bored of it. My guild there tends to not partake much unless they know we are going to get to stage 2 and can hit the palace to farm weapons. I keep going on my DoK because he still needs two invader pieces, and if I can get them from a gold bag, that means I can break down all my invader crests instead.

Still, the BWC is a fun instance, and it’s where Mythic needs to take notes on how to do all of their encounters. It requires a little for-thought, and awareness of surroundings. The boss has an interesting mechanic, and it’s not god-awful long or buggy. It’s what PvE SHOULD be in this game. More like the Lairs in LotD. Those things are fun, and so is this. Hopefully, one of up and coming orders of business are to make the instances in IC as fun and entertaining as those in Altdorf.