Test server video

So, I recorded some video from my trip into the test server on Thursday. There were over 200 people that helped participate in this little stint, and it was a good time by all. I had a little free time before finishing my homework and whipped this together. It should be noted, that my computer is about a year old now, I Fraps to the same hard-drive that I run everything off of, and the lowest my FPS dropped down to was about 10, when I was standing in the middle of a smoke cloud during a keep-take. That’s performance I can live with.

Much thanks to Werit for helping me find the best way to render in Sony Vegas that results in great quality and better-than-acceptable file size.

Follow the jump for the video.


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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

5 Responses to Test server video

  1. Werit says:

    Very neat. We will have some overlapping footage 🙂

  2. CMK says:

    They still haven’t fixed the Archmage / Shaman “infinite laser” bug, eh? That always bothered me on my Shammy.

    Looks real good though. Mythic’s made some great strides! Makes me want to take up my Greatsword again.

  3. m0j0r1s1ng says:

    Nice video… glowing horses and lions may be overusing an effect… call me a traditionalist 😉 The spell effects and fires/lights look sweet though.

    Love the Ladytron at the beginning.

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