Shiny Cap’n

I had the priviledge of playing around on the test server last night. It was hosted by Andy of Mythic, and we had a slew of folks on one vent channel all running around in glorious battle. I believe the number I heard told was 220 people max, all in Praag, with our “Oooohhh Shiny” setting turned on. I have to say, I was impressed by the bloom at how good it looked, with only a few minor quibbles. The even better thing was that I recorded about 30 gigs worth of video. My FPS wasn’t righteously amazing, but even during a keep siege with over 200 people in one location, I never went below 9 FPS with Fraps running.

Also, don’t believe the cake. The cake is a lie.

Video coming this weekend or Monday, depending on how busy I am with school work and how lazy I feel.


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