Of Transfers and Guilds

Yesterday was the opening of transfers from Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne to various servers, my Order’s home server of Gorfang being one of them, and my Destruction’s home server of Iron Rock being the other. I didn’t have a lot of time to play yesterday, but I did get in a handful of SCs, and much to my surprise, my guild-leader showed up for the event as well as two other guildmates. Four of us on at once had me listening closely for the horns of the Apocalypse. My guild leader explained his reasons for being gone, and I pretty much expected them, but in his free time, he’s been watching the show LOST for the first time.


My feelings toward the show aside, I was glad to have some people to play with again, and it was amazing seeing a lot of new names out there. As well as having people not know who we are, and sticking around for a fight. We were rolling with a friendly guild on the server, and a lot of them were fully geared out in Warlord, so they passed on any Warlord crests that dropped, cheers for me!

It was good times in all, lots of fun battles. It was a much-needed boost in my morale for the game. I’m waiting to see if the guildies are going to stick around still, if they’re still here a two weeks to a month out, cheers. If not, then I think I know a group of people I’m going to talk about joining.