The patch notes are up. It’s not a sexy patch by any real measure, but it is a shift. I’m not sold on if it’s the right step or not. The underdog in system in particular is going to have a huge effect on the game. I’m waiting to see how it will pan out in live, but the benefits of being the underdog are pretty massive, but they need to be without the Fortresses in-game as a speedbump. 30 minute keep domination, and instant from battlefield objectives? Yeah, it’s at -3 points, but Order will have that in one day on Iron Rock. On the plus side, this may definitely make the whole thing more of a tug-of-war, and give order a chance into the city again.

It wasn’t a Combat & Careers patch, so I won’t complain about a lack of SW love, at least we got SOME bug fixes.

Maybe 1.4 will do bring attention…


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7 Responses to 1.3.3

  1. Readda says:

    I wonder about this bit:

    * Weapon Trails: Weapon trails have been mathematically reworked to be much smoother in appearance, precise in motion and will take less time to calculate.

    Possible reduction in flight times?

    • shadowwar says:

      I was thinking if that’s what they meant, which would be awesome, but a part of me is thinking that it just means melee abilities like Ravage with particle effects will be better displayed.

  2. Alastriona says:

    Still waiting for Enchanted Arrows to work again. I like some of the changes that they made, but there was one that was slipped in in the hopes that no one would notice:
    * The Healing Boon, Defensive Boon, Merchant’s Gift, and Artisan’s Gift buffs associated with the capture of Battlefield Objectives have been removed from the game.
    * The Victory Cry buff for capturing a zone has been removed from the game.

    So no more 30 minute or 60 minute buffs from capping a zone. Interesting.

    • shadowwar says:

      Going to miss that victory cry the most. The 10% wounds and other stuff was nice. But I can see them doing it to help ou the underdog more now.

      Maybe this way, the BOs in lakes will start getting refered to by name instead of AG, MG, etc… I hate that.

      • Alastriona says:

        Yeah, the 10% buff + Sigmar’s Grace or a wounds pot was always pretty nice.

        I’m with you on calling the BOs what their names are. I never know what the hell people are talking about when they mention the buff instead – I always need to look it up on the map.

  3. Krosuss says:

    Can’t confirm this at the moment (I’m at work and they block the forums) but Order killed Tchar’zanek last night in the wee hours … 3 a.m. I believe.

    Order can get things done … as long as Destro is asleep. And unfortunately I was asleep too, not that I have the wards needed to take part.

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