Transfers inc.

Warhammer has announced that they will begin allowing players to transfer off of two servers starting on the second. Not unsurprising at first glance, but when you look at the origination servers you might find a bit of a surprise. Dark Crag and Phoenix throne. These two are the PvP and RP servers, respectively. So, they will be transferring off of one ruleset to that of another. Admittedly, I don’t think the impact would be as drastic for any other game, as it’s already based around PvP, and the only real PR restriction on Phoenix Throne is a naming policy, and other players encouraging role-play. As always, it’s a mixed bag of emotions for me, I’m sad to see servers consolidating, which leads to closing, but happy to have more bodies around to fight. It’s necessary, but not where we wanted to be a year and change after launch.


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3 Responses to Transfers inc.

  1. skarbd says:

    How many servers are actually left in the US?

  2. Castamere says:

    Sad news. When I was last ‘stuck in wif da boyz’ things were consolidating TO Phoenix Throne. It was the last RP server after Ostermark capsized and now it looks like it is gone. Quite sad indeed for that community and I am curious what they will do.

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