Hills and Vales

PvP games like WAR tend to be a famine or feast situation. The dull, boring portions make you want to rub your face against a cheese grater. The fun, exciting times get you wondering if your pants need changing. Being able to swing with highs and lows is important in anything you do. Some people like to call it, “being balanced” or “behaving maturely” or whatever. I try to do that, but I confess, I think my frustration of late has been eeking out of me, and I hope that my experience last night does blow the lid off my frustration.

I logged on to my shadow warrior last night. Surprise, no one else was on. I decided to try a couple scenarios and see how it went. What I faced were packs of roaming Choppas, DoKs, and Chosen, with a flavoring of Sorceresses. The garnish was me never getting healed and focus fired by the enemy (my name is fairly recognizable, if not my guild tag). So, frustrated, I tried to make the best of my evening of WAR, but I had no idea what to do. Getting on my knight for PvP would be mostly pointless, for much the same reasons as it was on my SW. I don’t want to level another Order alt, and I just played my DoK last night. My only conclusion was to either not play, or do some PvE.

I decided to try to get a LV group going. *shudder*

I hate PvE in this game. Passionately. However, I still have yet to get a 60 DPS bow, and I figured, doing this crappy instance would be better than flailing ineffectually in PvP.

I was wrong.

It’s not that our group was bad, it was actually pretty strong. We had a Knight as tank, a Warrior Priest and Archmage as healers, myself, a Bright Wizard, and a Witch Hunter as DPS. We mowed shit down. But we kept hitting snags. The knight had done LV plenty of times but only as an off-tank, it was the first time for some of us to group together, and just stupid mistakes at times. The stairs that have the messenger gnoblers caused us to wipe a handful of times, and the Butcher proved difficult to kill with one tank. We overcame them eventually, but it was taking longer and longer than I expected. When I hit the three-hour mark at Gorlack (the manticore-thing with lightning before the tree) I had to call it quits. The only way I want to go into an instance like that is if I know I can be done quickly. Say, 45 minutes a wing.

So, I’m trying to remember all the good times I had before in-game on my SW. Focus on those. I’m going to set a date for sometime in the next couple weeks, if my guild hasn’t formed at least one group by then to play together, I’m going to have to look for a new guild. I can’t continue to play this game solo and enjoy it.


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One Response to Hills and Vales

  1. Tyrhoor says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re stuck in that situation man. That is one of the few things that made me leave WAR. And Aion. Soloing MMO’s just isn’t fun. You can always buy the many Diablo Remixes out there if you want to just plow through some NPCs… but MMO’s are all about finding that group of guys/gals/its to make the experience better.

    Unfortunately WAR is dependent on having a group that communicates. The PVE is virtually impossible to PUG- especially LV/LotD.

    But what MMO isn’t dependent on grouping? And with the current trend of trendy new MMO’s losing flavor quickly, only to be replaced with the next hottest thing… I feel like the saturation of the MMO market provides great opportunities.. but there is too much player turnover from “Damn, WAR sucks, too many bugs. I’ll go play Aion. Damn, Aion sucks, too much of a grind. I’ll go play . Damn, sucks…” and so on.

    To sum this all up: Too many choices, unrealistic expectations = turnover, turnover = bad for guilds.


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