The Vanishing Clouds

I just finished reading the twelfth book in the Wheel of Time series last night. Overall, it was an incredible story, but it’s sad to see how noticeable a change in writer can be to a series. I’ve spent years upon years reading Jordan’s words, and becoming familiar with his style. I had finished doing my re-read of the series about a week and a half ago (November 9th to be precise), so that might be why the shift felt more jarring than usual for me. Sanderson is a talented writer for sure, he did a great job of picking up the reins and continuing the tale of Jordan’s world, but it will never be quite the same. Good but different.

I think the most jarring moment for me was when Mat first appeared in the book. His personality and actions just seemed so much rougher and abrupt than normal. I actually thought to myself, “This is not how Mat would speak.” The intent was to make him seem off-kilter and imbalanced by recent events, and experiencing emotions and situations that he never even thought he would be up against, but it just went a tad far. He was still true to ideals and outlooks that Mat has developed over the series, it was just the expression of them that seemed odd. Other than that one moment though, the book adhered amazingly well to each and every character.

The focus seemed to be upon Rand, and how he in particular was progressing as the story rushes to the end. By far, this was one of the most action-filled of all the books, plots were drawing to conclusions, or reaching finalization all over. Revelations were being sprung upon me left and right. Towards the end, at one point, I was completely flabbergasted and stunned by the story line for one character (Verin Sedai). But it fit. It all clicked together for me and it made so much sense, and was possible one of the best moments of the book.

I miss the descriptiveness of Jordan, and his way of pulling me into a world fully fleshed out and real, but I’ve spent so much time there, that I don’t need the pulling anymore. I just dive right in, and see it clear as day.


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