I just noticed a little tidbit of information in a hot-fix’s patch notes from a week ago. I haven’t been playing my Knight very much at all, so this foolish decision completely zoomed right over my head. As we all know, a few weeks back, stuns were removed, and replaced with staggers. Knights and Chosen had their cone changed to a 9-second stagger. Fine, it works great and can be a powerful tool still. At the time people complained that the auras that they had did not break the stagger, and that’s not fair.

No one who complained stopped to sit back and actually think for a minute about what a dichotomy it is to have a class with an AoE stagger, and then have an ability to counter the action they just preformed! Why in the world would anyone ever think that is balanced to then go back and do this:


  • Dreadful Agony: Damage dealt by this ability will now correctly break Staggers.

Knight of the Blazing Sun

  • All-Out Assault: Damage dealt by this ability will now correctly break Staggers.

Nevermind that previously, it had been reported as working as intended, because they saw the foolishness in handing out free immunities AND negating a CC tool for the archetype that, by Mythic’s own admission, is supposed to be all about the CC. Does no one else see the foolishness in this? Why have the boards not completely blown up in response to this? This is a strong nerf on the ability of these two classes, and noone seems to see the problem.


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12 Responses to Incompetence

  1. Werit says:

    Welcome to the club… I play an AoE DoT class 😉

  2. Grimnir says:

    Me too. Stagger breaks on applied damage though, we’re lucky in that we can drop a handful of dots and blow up our turret to run away.

    Well, if our auto-attack doesn’t hit them for us. I can’t tell you how many times my autoattack has killed a detaunt over the past year, or broken stagger since 1.3.2.

    It makes sense to me however unfortunate it may be for your aura. Use a different one until your battles are in full AoE flinging swing I guess. =/

  3. CMK says:

    I know this was a concern on the Chosen forums before they rolled out the stagger changes.

    This is just stupid. But hey…get enough sore losers together to complain about something and the devs’ll take notice.

  4. shadowwar says:


    Lots still actually, Order is a tad frustrated overall, but ORvR is booming on both servers I play, and pops are constant, but maybe I’m just lucky.

    Are you still playing Aion?

    As for the picture, are you a Reid apologist?


    I should add, I’m hoping that if the senate changes the current HR bill that passed the house enough to suite the needs of the senators, then when the two have to be meshed, it will create a black hole of such epic strength, that all of congress will be sucked into it, and the entire slew of them will have to be replaced.

    • CMK says:

      WRT Warhammer: It’s just a pendulum swing. When I left, Order was squarely in the seat of power while Destro was floundering. It’s just natural!

      WRT Congress: A Legislative Singularity. Wouldn’t it be nice? If only it’d take the whole of Washington, DC with it.

  5. Mr. Meh says:


    The Stagger is not just an ability the Chosen/KoBS have. The reason that the abilities had to be adjusted was any stagger is supposed to be broken by any damage. Not just damage from you, but any. A left over DoT could disable it.

    So a Zealot could set off a Moral 3, stagger everyone for 9 seconds and a Chosen could then set off his Dreadful Agony and everyone woud take (I think) 1800 damage but still be staggered. The system would reinitiate the stagger and the enemies were not given the immunities they should have. That’s wrong.

    It’s not that the ability will counter itself, its that any damage should break the stagger. And this ability for some reason would not break “alread in place” staggers from others. Which it should, since it is damage. It shouldn’t be breaking its own stagger ability, it should be breaking previous ones.

    Now, I use the healer Moral 3 stagger as well. I would never be able to tell I have stagger as I travel in WBs, and almost everyone has an immunity by the time I use it. The stagger only seems to work in small (<6 peeps) groups. Just as an FYI. I mostly use the ability for the 1800 AOE damage, the stagger is at best an interupt to Sorcs, cause no one is leaving you alone for 9 seconds. If I hit you with 1800, I'm planning on finishing the job. At best a stagger could be used as a run away tactic, which I have before to get in a keep.

    I do however feel there is some abilities still out there that are not counting towards damage to dispell the stagger. I was staggered yesterday by a zealot and a WE came up and ripped me a new one; for the entire 9 seconds I couldn't do anything.

    I think stagger in general was a bad replacement to many stuns, disables, and knockdowns. People weren't complaining that they were completely disabled, just that they were for 9 whole seconds. The answer being to change it to a 9 second stagger wasn't the answer. JIMO. I think people wanted the time reduced. I like disables, but 3 seconds is almost too much, let alone 9.

    • shadowwar says:

      I understand it was breaking other people staggers, but I still content that it should not. Based on initial replies from Mythic employees immediately following the change, the dichomatic reality of how it works within the class itself, and lastly, the insignificance of the damage it does when related to huge negative it puts upon these classes in a tactical fight (completing negating the use of an ability, either the AoE stagger of the AoE passive damage, pick one). I understand their reasoning, much as shield abilities and 2-hander abilities can’t be used at the same time based on the results said skills have, but this is not a strong enough argument in support of this change.

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