What I want

Here are things I want and do not want from a class.

Must haves:

  • DPS – I want to kill things, lots of things. I want to be cursed at by every enemy I face for all time.

Must not haves:

  • Pet – I do not want a pet. I hate them. I dislike the micromanagement, and the inevitable crutch the pet ends up being.
  • Magic – I don’t want to play a spell caster, wearing a dress, wiggling my fingers.
  • Stealth – I don’t want to sneak around. If melee, I just want to crush you. If ranged, I just want to shoot you.

Things I prefer:

  • Ranged over melee
  • Survivability
  • Speed

I thought the SW was going to be the class for me in WAR, but we all know how that turned out. This build has always been about what I like in MMOs. SWG – my smuggler/TKA; EQ2 – my shadowknight; WoW – my paladin; CoH – my scrapper/blaster; CO – Power Armor/TK blades/Force. I’ve had experience with some classes that had “must nots” and some that did not have my “must have” but the love wasn’t always there. I really can’t express strongly enough just how much I wish the SW was a feared machine of death in WAR. No one ever says, “Shit, there’s that SW charging at us, watch out.” No, what you hear instead is, “Fuck, Rift-magus”, “Crap, watch out for the BW”, “Damn-it all, killed by a Sorc again!”, or “Weak-ass Choppas/Slayers! Go faceroll your keyboard some more!”.


What do you prefer in your MMO classes? Are you consistent in what you like to do, or do you prefer to play different roles in your games?


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6 Responses to What I want

  1. Brian Inman says:

    I am not sure about the BW statement. Since I have started playing WAR again the class seems to have disappeared. I guess I am going to have to start the resurgence.

    • shadowwar says:

      Must not be on Iron Rock. My DoK sees them all over the bloody place. There’s one in particular (Vicex) that just destroys everything in his path.

      • CMK says:

        Same server here. My Chosen has to run away from Bright Wizards. There’s something very wrong with that. Rhognold supposedly sold his account, so he’s not as scary anymore, but Vicex is still a machine.

        Downloading the AoC client right now (7-day free trial, so I figure why not) and I’m gonna try a Conqueror. That kind of shows the kinds of classes I like…being in the thick of it, hard to kill, swinging around a giant weapon is my cup of tea. I don’t have to do boatloads of damage, but I have to be hard to kill.

        In Champions, I spend more of my time on my Might toon than any other.

  2. Krosuss says:

    Vicex is pretty good.

    My main is a BW and I enjoy playing from a distance. My greatest shortcoming is that I forget to keep my distance. Although I do have an Ironbreaker ALT and it’s a lot of fun getting in there and mixing it up. I love the survivability and being DPS spec I can deal some damage.

    P.S. What’s your DOKs name? Can’t stand DOKs.

    • shadowwar says:

      Ezekeil, he’s still terribly under-geared (annihilator) and the wrong spec for his gear (tort/sac), but I’m a stubborn bastard and refuse to go heal spec.

  3. pitrelli says:

    i love melee so Ret pala,death knight and rogue all in WoW are my favourite classes in any game. I do quite fancy trying a shaman though

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