Old DAoC players, chime in

I’m curious, why did people quit? I know I hear how horrible Trials of Atlantis was for the game. But how long ago was that? Hasn’t the game outpaced that particular speed bump by this point? Why have none of you gone back to the game if that is so? Is the game no longer worth playing because of it? If you’re craving PvP, and you think WAR isn’t a good fix, or you hate the grind of Aion, and you don’t like the FPS/sandbox gameplay of Darkfall, why do you not return to the world that made Mythic’s name?

I’m just curious, because I hear so often how great it was, especially when ex-players are comparing it to WAR, and wonder why they don’t just go back.

Let me know.


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16 Responses to Old DAoC players, chime in

  1. Grimnir says:

    The game is 8 years old. It just looks relatively bad compared to a handful of other MMO’s, and the pace in combat is a lot slower. For pure combat, WAR has it beat. Also, there’s a handful of questionable dedicated servers out in the world that people may or may not be playing on for a significantly lower cost…

  2. Slurms says:

    I may be wrong on this, but as far as I know, the stuff that was implemented in Trials of Atlantis is still a factor. It’s still a huge time sink (read: pain in the ass) that should have never been involved in the game. Also, I’m not sure how the game is now, but it wasn’t without performance problems at the time. The network code always seemed kindof wonky (which seemed to carry over to WAR to a certain degree).

    Mythic was teasing us for the longest time of creating an Origins server. One that would basically be vanilla DAoC. I, and many people I played with, swore that if that was implemented, I would check it out. But I don’t think it’s in the cards anymore.

    I’ve actually thought about going back and giving it a whirl. I think it’s down to one server now, and I hear the action is pretty decent.

    But, the game was a huge part of my gaming life, and I think going back might taint the good memories I have.

  3. Krosuss says:

    Good post and a burning question in my mind, too. Checking on Wikipedia:


    It appears TOA came out in 2003 and since then there’s been five expansions. One of which included the much lauded Darkness Falls dungeon. Enough players had to stick around as Darkness Rising came out three years later.

  4. Bootae says:

    It was a ToA that killed it for me. I went back afterwards but discovered the New Frontiers had replaced all the zones with versions I didn’t like so much.

    Reactivated this year, but my old server (EU Excal) had 36 people on it 😛 Plus it looked sooooooooo dated. I cancelled shortly after…

  5. Brian Inman says:

    DAOC is like an ex girlfriend. You only remember the fun times, and once you go back you quickly remember why you left in the first place.

  6. KillTrash says:

    I actually cancelled my account a couple days ago. I’ve been playing since May and before that, I just played DAoC when it was released for about a month, then I went back to Anarchy Online.

    I decided to give it a try again this May to see why some people claim that it has the best RvR to date. Well, I had a lot of fun doing small and large scale PvP in these past few months. I had a blast actually. The game is dated, but after you get used to the pace and look, which is not that bad actually, the gameplay is actually really good. It is a LOT more difficult to master than whatever you have nowadays, but that is a plus in my book.

    They made the game super easy to get to max level and ready to RvR at level 50. You no longer need to do all the quests to get your Master Levels or to buy those Artifacts. All that can be purchased with Bounty Points, which you get by RvRing. So yeah, getting your character to level 50, Master Level 10, Champion Level 10 is just a matter of doing RvR.

    In the US, there is only once server now, Ywain. They had 2 separate clusters of servers before, but they just created this new one where everybody could just transfer all their characters for free. The new server is packed with people now and action happens anywhere you go.

    I’m in love with DAoC and I hope they keep supporting it. The only reason I canceled my sub last week, was because of the flood of games this season (Dragon Age, Torchlight, Borderlands…) and I would not have time to play it anyway. I plan on re-subing in a month or too, though.

    • Slurms says:

      Wow, thats actually great to hear.

      Maybe I’ll give it a shot after the holidays are past.

    • shadowwar says:

      That’s great to hear. I’ve really been interested in what this game offers ever since I first heard about WAR. I’m not saying I’m going to jump over to DAoC to give it a go, but I really do like hearing that they are still improving to this day.

  7. Simple reason.

    Player base dropped beneath a level which would support 8 vs 8 play. So unless you wanted to play in German, who still had busy server at the time, then that was it. Some of my guild went there and learnt the german for various words.

    Why not go back? Because no one I know plays it anymore.

  8. theerivs says:

    First I played a Cleric for 2 years which was one of the main healing classes for Albion. At the very beginning you could play as a Smite Cleric, and you were a pretty good DPS’er, and you had some Stuns,or Mez’s to work with. Then Mythic Nerfed the Smite Cleric which was Strike 1. Then You were stuck with one thing, healing. I didn’t mind, but I got a little burnt out on it after 2 years, of being hardcore with it. I think my guild was still like #2 or 3 point holder years after we went defunct, that’s how hard core we were. Guild Drama, and TOA was Strike 2, and 3…So Late 2004, here comes along World of Warcraft it was time for a change, I liked the cartoony graphics actually, and I liked the lore of Warcraft back then…DAMN you space goats…damn you to hell. Most importantly no more healer.

    Did I love DAOC, YES….for the time. It was actually ahead of it’s time. Did I worship it, no I think I miss the people I played with more, and for awhile they were with me in WoW, and it made the game that much more awesome.

  9. Mr. Meh says:

    I’m not an old DAOC’er. I keep trying it out, but to advancement. I just can’t go backwards. Too slow and out of date.

    But I chime in because the vast majority (pretty much all of them) of my Guild was DAOC. And then the guilds they allianced with were all old DAOC guilds. So a couple of months ago we are all in Vent and everyone is talking about the good old days in DAOC and finally someone goes, “well if it was so great, why are you here?”

    Next day one guy reactivates his account to DAOC and post on the forums about the changes and the reactivation trial period. Well long story short. All the old DAOCers are now back to playing it, and our alliance and guilds are reduced to the few that were not DAOCers. We went from ~1.5 active WBs a night of to 6 guys a night, and that’s a good night.

    They have been there for a while now. I was hoping they would come back, but apparently not.

  10. shadowwar says:

    So, I’m thinking of giving old DAoC a try then. As a complete new player, what do you guys suggest? (look to todays post for what I want in a class)

    Melee or range is fine, but I want to kill people. I want people to see me coming and go “oh crap”. I do not want to be a full caster, but sumplemental spells are okay. Stealth I’d rather do without. If I’m going to be ranged, I want a gunner/archer type.

    • KillTrash says:

      Well, I have experience with some of the Albion classes, but most of my time playing was done on Midgard. On Albion, you may want to check the Mercenary and on Mid the Berserker. They are both mellee DPS and pretty damn good. They are not “feared” that much, because the game’s been out for so long now that I think balance is mostly good for most of the classes, with maybe a couple exceptions.

      Vampiir on Hybernia and Warlock on Midgard (not so much anymore, Locks have been “nerfed” recently) are two of those classes where people have been crying for a nerf for a while. Vampiir is an extremely powerful mellee character that can stealth, life drain, debuff, mezz… Yeah, a bit ridiculous 🙂 I tremble a bit whenever I see one, and usually, when playing in teams and someone spots a Vampiir, a whole team will stop what they are doing to focus fire those bastards.

      The Warlock was very OP for a while too, but they are casters. They have a mechanic where they can have these “chambers” and they can pre-load 2 different spells inside of it in advance and then just insta-cast that on your targets. You could have 4 Chambers up at the same time, so a single Warlock could kill pretty much anyone in a matter of a couple seconds. They nerfed that, though. Right now there is a cool down of 6 seconds between releasing those chambers on someone, but still, quite powerful if you ask me.

      Independent of the class you pick, if it is OP or not, don’t expect to go out there beating those Veterans. The learning curve is so much higher on this game. It took me a while to start learning how to properly fight, specially because the game has so many unique classes across 3 realms! Well, it took me a while, not sure if other fresh players had the same experience though. 🙂

      • shadowwar says:

        Thanks for the heads up. I was originally thinking the paladin, but I don’t know how strong it is. I’ll look into the Merc and the Berserker though.

  11. Rancid says:

    Oh, gosh. Where to start!

    First, if you’ve played DAoC in a 8man group and compared it to a 6man WAR group, you’re crazy to think that WAR is faster in pace. With capped dexterity, and some good buffs, you come really close to the 1.5s casting hardcap on most of your damage spells. The only spells that can do that in WAR are the spells which are insta and then you’ve got the 1.5s GCD to deal with. I much prefer DAoC’s combat to WARs, and I know I’m not alone. Those who laud WAR’s combat are usually ex-WoW players. (Most couldn’t hang in DAoC, as it is so much quicker in pace…no offense of course.)

    Second, the stuff in ToA is still a huge factor. However, you can buy almost anything in it with bounty points. You can buy artifacts, the credit, and the scrolls as well as any and all Master Levels. Additionally, most of them have been reduced in difficulty so a group or two can wipe 2-3 MLs a night with no issue.

    Third, Darkness Falls came out LONG before ToA. The patches that refer to it are merely graphical upgrades (and good ones).

    Feel free to check out my blog about going “Back to the Dark Aage”


    See ya on the field, (hopefully!)

  12. Warstaff says:


    Yes, I re-subbed last week and started from scratch. It’s been loads of fun and the nostalgia has been overwhelming. Theres plenty of active players, plenty of pvp action and plenty of good memories.

    I recommend you guys that are thinking about it to just do it. You won’t regret your decision.

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