A Little Rainbow and Roses

As a counterbalance to my previous post, I want to talk about the good things coming down the pipe for WAR, and don’t worry Frank, I’m still leaving the perpetually-upbeat, sociopathic-bordering perkiness to your purview. After all, I’m not just some curmudgeon critical of every move that Mythic takes. They’re a great studio and I still really enjoy their game. I also believe that what they do, they do with the best interest of the game in mind. More than anything, we should laud their efforts to try and provide some relief from the current city situation, and they are doing it quickly. So, let me turn that valve, and tell you what relief I hear as the pressure leaks out.

First and foremost, we’ll all be spending less time in a city siege.

Wha? “But Andrew (that’d be me for the uninformed), you said that less time was a bad thing!” Well, yes and no, I said trying to complete the various tasks with their current settings in less time is blatantly retarded. It should go unsaid, but Mythic needs to make sure they adjust VP gain, difficulty, relative contribution of various instances, and all those other little things to make the shortened time not be a hinderance. I say should, only because they obviously forgot to adjust stage 2 with the last changes down to a 24 man encounter from a 48. Regardless, spending less time in the city, means more time fighting out in the field. It doesn’t address the issue of frequency of city sieges, but it does keep us in the field more often. Still, when the inevitable speed bump arrives that will make these occur less often, I’m interested to see if it will revert back to the old time-frames or if the new shorter-intervals will remain.

Scenarios are scenarios and who am I to complain.

Eventually (third time?), I’ll get sick of stage 2, or be all geared out with warlord items. And at least, I’ll have a scenario to do. Here’s hoping for more attacks on IC. Not because I want to kill the enemies city, but because I hate Reikland Factory, with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. It’s almost as bad as Thunder Valley.

Hopefully all of the other issues can be addressed with future changes, but there are positives here, and I felt it was only fair to address them as well, and give credit where it’s due. Mythic definitely does not get enough love from the many players who enjoy the game they’ve created for us.


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2 Responses to A Little Rainbow and Roses

  1. CMK says:

    Still waiting for Mythic to get past the turbulence and into a smooth groove before I come back. And come back I invariably will – my heart really belongs to large-scale RVR and to my big, bad Chosen.

    • shadowwar says:

      Overall, the groove is pretty damn smooth. It’s just the abrupt stop at the end that’s a tad problematic 😉

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