Short Sighted – Short Term, what’s the difference?

Well, Mythic released “short term solutions” for the city siege. They do qualify the statements and ideas with them being only “short-term” solutions, but I think they still fail to properly address the issues people are having. Obviously, I have no idea what the long-term plans are, but these solutions don’t seem to be fully thought out. I really do appreciate them trying to improve the encounter and increase the fun, but these changes don’t really seem like they are addressing the main issues people are having. I would have rather they took a little more time to address the main concerns and issues that people are talking about on the forums and in-game.

Problem: It’s impossible to flip a city raid to stage 2 with any reasonable defense.

Solution: Possibly coming, playtest please.

Problem: The cities are being raided FAR too often. Multiple times a day.

Solution: None

Problem: Stage 2 is a wildly unbalanced PvE encounter that is nigh-impossible to get a properly organized warband into if you weren’t formed ahead of time in stage 1 (the hour previous).

Solution: None

Problem: Stage 2 is so insanely difficult currently, that it’s impossible to advance the attack past that point, and get the various instanced PQs done.

Solution: Now do it in half the time!

Problem: City Siege’s feel pointless and inconsequential.

Solution: City ranks mean even less now.

Problem: All RvR other than the city is killed dead for the entirety of the city siege.

Solution: Still leave a (newly) one hour gap of time where there is no RvR other than a city instance, which often ends up as player vs. objective. But for the remainder you can do the exact same SC over and over again, with no change.



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11 Responses to Short Sighted – Short Term, what’s the difference?

  1. zizlak says:

    Actually the city ranking doesn’t mean anything now. So it can’t get less 😉

    If you are down to one star, than there is hardly any chance that you can recover the ranking by the time you have left up to the next attack. City ranking is quiet pointless with the current attack frequency on some servers.

  2. Alastriona says:

    All I want is a lockout timer for the city. Think of it logically – there are lockout timers for every other place in the game you can get high-end gear (LV, Vulture Lord, Sigmars/WBT, etc.). If the intent of raiding the city is to gain high-end gear, then shouldn’t there be a lockout timer just like any other gear-driven instance?

    That, and if we could get a way to access WBT/Sigmars from outside the city. Now that my healer’s 40, it’s going to be annoying to try and schedule a sentinel run if the city’s constantly taken.

    Oh – one other fix. Take off the diminishing returns on renown in the city. Since you’re stuck in an instance with the same people, after about 30 minutes, you stop getting renown. What’s the point of getting Warlord gear if you can’t RvR during the city siege, and you don’t gain the missed renown in the city? Bleh.

    The ideas that they proposed are nice, but they’re not a solution at all. People aren’t mad because the city takes too long, they’re mad because it’s happening nearly every day during primetime. These fixes really miss the point of people’s complaints.

  3. Mr. Meh says:

    The solution to take out Forts was wrong. The solution should have always been to setup Forts as Instances. Just like you do for the cities.

    Becuase of their non-existance, the capitals are falling (cough well other than Gorfang, Altdorf is falling) consistantly and daily if not more than that. Now the issues with the cities are in full spectrum. The stages of the PQ are not fulfilling. The effort to take BOs is not fun. The likelihood you stand any chance in taking on the Stage 2 boss with enemies still around is impossible. The rubberband effect is not fixed. The Warlord instances are too complicated and the nerd rage ensues.

    Forts should have been instanced. The PQ for the cities should be more specific in holding strategic locations, and the stage 2 lord should be more help for the losing side than a sling shot of nuke firepower situated at one point. He should be wandering the streets. Stage 2 either needs elimination or revising.

    The city ranks are useless. I’m sorry, actually they are hinderence on the losing side. Mythic is scared to invoke an underdog system because it would punish the success of the winners. But punishing the losers is aparrently okay. We love not being able to use guild scrolls, awesome over dog system you have going.

    However the constant city seiges having given me a crap load of Invader Crest. Thank you, we all can get our next stage of gear. Which further shows that Mtyhic Gear is about the only gear. You might as well sell it for 50 Silver at a merchant. Short of not even playing the game, I don’t see how anyone can be rank 60 without being full Invader. I would have to question how they set their autorolls.

    Now I am in rant mode. Horay, thanks for the inspiration Andrew.

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  5. theerivs says:

    Mythic is trying to work problems out, and that is commendable. But an old saying comes to mind. you can polish a turd, but when your done all you got left is a shiny peace of shit.

    • shadowwar says:

      This is a bit how I feel. The game, as a whole, is amazing. It’s fun, combat in zones is great. The back and forth of zone control is a blast. Ninja’ing BOs, fighting in keeps, all good fun.

      The city is crap, and it happens too often.

    • Radishlaw says:

      Ah you must not have heard of dorodango(look it up) then? 😛

      I do agree with you about city rank. This kind of abstraction isn’t really good from a game standpoint. How about instead of limiting facilities by a magic number, we actually have to defend them? Attackers can work to block up the taverns and such, and defenders can undo that work during and after the siege.

      In my opinion, cities can be made fun, but I’d rather they improve the journey to there first, i.e. the T4 campaign.

      It would be more fun, for example, that we don’t have to worry about zone locking and such, and we can queue any scenario we like, and attack any zone we like. The catch is there are basically no reward for RvEing. Instead of locking zones to siege the city, each side gather resources from enemies BOs and keeps to get enough “supplies”. You can even allow both cities to be sieged at the same time. I always think Mythic was being too conservative by forcing a linear approach to the end game. If everyone can play what they want, the population can spread out and have more varied play styles.

      Ah, I guess I got excited and typed too much. Thanks for the inspiring rant.

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