Please sir, can I have another?

Did everyone but me get their copy yesterday?

Bastards, I want one. Don’t hesitate to send me one, for free. I’ll review it, and even tell everyone I got it for free!


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8 Responses to Please sir, can I have another?

  1. Jomu says:

    lol; i didn’t get one either yet.. had to decide on the console type (pc!); hopefully bestbuy will have it tonight! 🙂

    • shadowwar says:

      I didn’t even realize it was being released across multiple platforms. I’d prefer to play it on my PS3, there is something that is just relaxing about playing a console game compared to a PC. Something to do with sitting back, relaxed, controller in hand as opposed to crouched over a keyboard/mouse.

  2. syncaine says:

    Stop being a cheap bastard and put up the $50, wait the few hours it will take you to get it off D2D, and enjoy. Best $50 you will likely spend all year.

    • shadowwar says:

      Not a cheap bastard so much as broke. I bought Torchlight this weekend, and dropped the cash for Champions and $60 bucks for the 6 month sub when it first came out. Everytime I mention another game to the wife, she gets that look on her face that I recognized as “If you do that, I’ll make another trip to Sephora, and we’ll see how we like eating Ramen every meal for the next week.”

      • Slurms says:

        I know that look! I preordered Dragon Age and MW2 (now canceled) and then asked her a couple days later if I could get a loan for Torchlight……/thelook

  3. skarbd says:

    Where do you find the time to even play a fraction those???

    Do you sleep?

    • shadowwar says:

      I alternate days, and honestly, Champions has turned out to be the loser most times. I play WAR almost every other day, just got Tochlight this weekend, and if I can pry the TV away from my wife, I’d like to put a little bit more time into InFamous that I rented over the weekend. Either way, I usually don’t put more than one to two hours to any play session, except on the weekends.

      I really don’t know how I get the time. I work full time, school parttime, and do my part around the house. No kids yet, so maybe that’s the deciding factor. /shrug

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