Hitting the Wall

Hitting that wall is a bitch.

Hitting that wall is a bitch.

I’ve got a pair of different topics I want to talk about right now, one is about the current state of the game in Warhammer. Specifically, the campaign and the road in general to stage 2 of a city invasion. The other, is a juvenile desire I’m strongly trying to suppress. So, I’m going to go with the WAR topic in hopes of being a better person for it. Come back later for the scathing, petulant, adolescent mud-flinging.

The big topic of discussion for those playing in the Warhammer world right now seems to be city sieges and realm balance. In particular how people are doing with the sieges and in large part how the realm balance is affecting that. My home server of Gorfang is interesting in that we’re the only one with Altdorf still at 5 stars, while IC is down to two. However, the vast majority of servers have Destro as the clear dominant faction in the eternal struggle of WAR.

This dominance is most likely due to a number of issues. Firstly, Order had become lazy. Just like Destruction had become after their clear superiority until December, Order has been the dominating force on the field for the last four to six months, and it means they haven’t had to work as hard for victories. Secondly, Marauders. This once-maligned class has seen a significant uptick in their viability. The focus on the class is really apparent. I’m seeing more of these mutated freaks on the battlefield every day, and they have become devastating. Between the unequivocably powerful pull, and their strong AP drains, coupled with better than average damage and survivability, Marauders are well to be feared. Thirdly, and to a lesser degree, the change in how stuns function. You can look to the specifics of it when comparing the AoE stun of BW to that of DoKs. BW lost relativistically more power as they are a class that heavily focuses upon AoE damage and will break their own stagger, whereas a DoK deals mostly with single-target damage, further increasing a DPS DoKs ability to lock down and dismantle groups of people at a time. Lastly, a population imbalance has been the result of these change, and as we all know, the zerg always wins in the end.

Now, why has Gorfang not fallen prey to this like the other servers you may be asking. Well, in fact, we have as well, but we’ve been more succesful in defense during primetime as well as in offense during off-hours. It seems that our server has a very healthy Pacific population, and they are very good at flipping zones and setting up the pins for the daytime crowd to come in and bowl over the city. During primetime, Order has stepped up and resolutely defended the city, denying every encroachment, and have walked away with Destruction never having flipped the city to stage 2.

Perhaps I’m too fatalistic and pragmatic, or perhaps I’m just biased in regards to this, but it amuses me greatly when I read a denouncement of the validity of an A.M. city raid. War is best practiced when the enemy expects it least, strike when they are ill prepared. If an objective needs to be captured, make sure as little of the enemy is there to stop you. Strike hard, strike fast, and be decisive in choosing targets. Success is success, and while these strictures of warfare may seem silly when applied to a video game and leisure activity, it still can be applied. This is where my oft-talked about gaming-ethics comes into play. As long as you are operating within the laws of the game, then all accomplishments are valid. There is only success and failure, everything short of success IS failure. If you don’t flip the city siege into stage 2, you failed. If you didn’t flip it to stage 3, you failed. You lost the scenario 499 to 500, you failed.

If the ultimate goal is to own zones, win scenarios, attack cities and kill the enemy King, then the requirement of competent opposition is not necessary, in fact it is more of a hinderance given the current game design. Now, keep in mind I said “if”. I highlight that qualitative statement because the premise itself I think is where the game is running into problems.  To more readily reach the “end game” of Warhammer, it is desireable to have the weakest opponent before you, if you are to have opposition at all. I understand why some people are motivated in this fashion but it’s not what drives me to play, so my gameplay doesn’t reflect this. Still, people are surprised when gear-focused, progression minded players actively seek this optimal situation. Why is this the case?


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2 Responses to Hitting the Wall

  1. Slurms says:

    Awwww, now I want to know what the juvenile desire is. hehe

  2. Mr. Meh says:

    Man I wish I was on Gorfang.

    At first I thought we had hope, the day after the patch Destro poured into the city and we successfully fended them off. But it has been everyday since then Altdorf has fallen.

    My theory, when stuff goes bad those easy to nerd rage go and play their alts. So all the servers with Order issues (all of us?), I think the real issue is Destro is nothing more than alts of Order from other servers. Just my thought.

    I can’t ohterwise quite understand how seemingly overnight, Order’s population dies and Destro has populations through the roof. Are we to believe that Order lost subs and Destro got their guildmates to come back at the same time? Meh. I think the nerd rage helps fuel going and playing an alt.

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