A Recap

"Look at this fucking clown."

Just going to give a quick explanation and impression of my gaming over the weekend, some real-life activities, plus a quick comment on a movie, so if you’re looking for a full post related to WAR or MMOs in general, this is not the post for you.

Halloween weekend came, and I really was not up to sitting around in front of a computer playing any MMOs at all. Can’t tell you exactly why, I just didn’t feel it. Maybe it was that Fall whether finally hit (Fall is my favorite season), or that Halloween was here (favorite Holiday), but all I really wanted to do, was hang out, be at ease, and enjoy what was going on. Too often, I seem to log into MMOs because I feel like I have to, like it’s a perpetual rat-race that I’m always having to keep up in, and I’m not liking that. So, my goal for the weekend, was to just enjoy it.

Saturday, I woke up, did a few chores around the house, then sat down to pound out a few chapters of book 10 of the Wheel of Time series. Friday night I had purchased book 12 after my birthday dinner with my wife and mother-in-law (Cheesecake Factory’s beef ribs ROCK). My wife had to go help her mother prep her house for a baby-shower for a cousin, so I had a short honey-do list, and had the day to myself.

After lunch, I ran off to run some errands and price out some video cameras that I’ve been saving up for (for the baby on the way). I’m currently on the fence between two right now, one, a Cannon that feels great in my hand, and I love Cannon when it comes to cameras in general, so I know it will be a sound product. The other, is a Sony (though sonystyle is broken ATM), and while it didn’t feel as solid in my hand, and I don’t know much about Sony and it’s relation to cameras, it’s a sound product in almost all other electronics, and from what I can tell from the hard specs it’s a solid purchase. Still, I don’t know a whole lot about video cameras in general, and I have a lot of reading to do and questions to be answered. Is the quality of video on both of them good. The MegaPixel rating on them seems frighteningly low, in days where 10+ MP is standard in regular cameras, having one with 1.07 on video seems like it will lead to terrible quality. How long can I record on the built in 8 GB of memory on these? If I have to utilize the hybrid option of them with the expanded memory cards, will the jump-over be automatic? Will it cause an interrupt in filming? Lot of stuff I don’t know, I’ve found some cnet reviews for the two, and will watching them to hopefully answer some of this. I also priced out some TVs. The one I’m currently liking is a 1080p, 60hz 40″ LCD Sony. I don’t like Plasma, I just don’t. Too many complications, too heavy, and I don’t watch enough sports for it to be necessary, and the TV will be going in the bedroom, so there won’t be any gaming on it.

On my way home from all this, I stopped by GameStop to check out their used section of PS3 titles, and chatted with one of the managers there. He’s a good guy, and always friendly when I go in, and recognizes me, he plays WoW from what I have gathered, so we usually can have a bit of a chat about MMOs or consoles in usual. Nothing really popped out at me to pick up that day (I forgot how expensive even used titles can be), but I was happy to see that Katamari Forever was out, and will be hoping to get that for the wife (no, not for me at all!) for Christmas. Still, I dropped into the local rental store and got a copy of InFamous to play through a bit. I’ve been having a blast so far. The way powers work is familiar and easily accessible, and I like the good/evil dichotomy that your choices bring, even if it is a bit seemingly simplistic. I haven’t made it too far in the story, but so fave I’ve met up with the FBI chick, and made it back to town under the bridge, then done the mission to pick up some drop-offs from the black agent that is missing. After that, I ran around a bunch, picking up more of the 32 drop-offs, and collecting battery shards. It’s fun just doing crazy wall-climbing and fighting some of these thugs.

Eventually, night fell, the wife came home, and we were hunkered in for our first Halloween in the house. We’d always been in an apartment complex before this, and never had any trick-or-treaters (we even prepared our first year, but none came). So, we had a big bowl of candy ready (wisely picked up an extra bag on the way home), our lights turned on (damnit we forgot to carve pumpkins!), and eagerly awaited the arrival of children (will there be a lot?). Well, it turns out, our neighborhood was a hot spot. We easily had 50 plus children, come to our door,  and if I were a betting man, I’d say closer to 100. It was great, and it was heard how much of an adult I felt like. I remember when I went out on Halloween in costume damnit! The nostalgia was strong in me, but was fended off by an overly-rambunctious and friendly dog who wanted to go lick children’s faces with each doorbell, a pair of friends that came over to chat with us, and watch bits and pieces of the Yankees-Phillies match (damn Yankees), and multiple classes of Jim and coke. Around 8:30 – 9:00 PM the children stopped, then our friends eventually left, and the ball-game was forgotten. The wife and I cleaned up a bit around the house, shook the near-empty bowl of candy remorsefully, and I went to the computer room as she had already claimed the couch (no InFamous for me). In a spur of unusual impulse for me, I downloaded Torchlight, and browsed the web a bit, surprised when the game was finished so soon.

Torchlight is fun, easy, and a good source of light entertainment. It’s response is crisp, and the gameplay is good. I am playing an Avenger right now (shocker, the archer), and she really is a fun class. It’s very reminiscent of Diablo, as most games of the genre are, but it’s a much lighter experience. The pet is a great addition, and saves me a ton of time with going back to town to empty my inventory out, and I hope to god that all of these games have this type of addition in the future. If you’re looking for a fun, easy dungeon-crawl game, this can’t be beat right now. Diablo III is on the way, I know, but who knows when it will actually hit, and this is 20 bones, worth it.

I’ll close with the movie topic, as this has gotten stupid long. Zombieland is extra g00d. Honestly, one of the best movies of the year. I laughed so hard through this, it was great. The guess appearance was brilliant and a lot of fun. Also, I’m scared I’m turning into a 14-year-old girl, as I one of the previews was for the second Twilight movie, and it actually looked good. I don’t want to admit it, but it looks great. If I can just get over the hyper-dramatic bullshit of a highschool girl who is all psychotic because her vampire boyfriend broke up with her. Still, the werewolves look bad-ass.

Werewolves > Vampires


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2 Responses to A Recap

  1. theerivs says:

    I concur Werewolves > Vampires.

    On that note there is a new Werewolf movie coming out, based on the old Lon Chaney classic. It looks real good, as an added bonus the man doing the makeup for the movie, the man himself Rick Baker.

  2. Slurms says:

    +1 For the Zombieland pic

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