I’m weak

I resubscribed to Warhammer last night. Shooties goodness ensued. Game was crazy laggy in the city thanks to some bug with Chosen and their Auras, but otherwise ran great. 1s EE will take an entire shift in gameplay and spec to fully utilitize properly.


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13 Responses to I’m weak

  1. Castamere says:

    I’m not far off from considering the same damn thing. Keep us updated!

  2. OneShard says:

    It will be good to see some of your War thoughts again 🙂

  3. Grimnir says:

    Ah yeaaah. I’m pretty sure the aura stacking was just a glitch on the buff bar, I noticed a couple times where my resists should have been in the -1000’s, but were actually only down about 200 or whatever they’re supposed to be. They were awfully excited that they were “stacking” though.

    Hell of a lot more action than that fairy game. hehe =p

    • Rer says:

      And what game would that be good sir? The only game I’m playing right now is between three practically immortal factions duking it out on a war torn core of a planet. 😉

      Seriously though, I’m glad that WAR is improving. I may not go back, but its nice to know that others can finally enjoy it all the more.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, if people are going to be in cities much more frequently, they really need to fix whatever caused the lag in the city instance. Some say it was the Aura stacking causing the problem, but I haven’t heard verification either way.

  4. KillTrash says:

    I’ve been following Werit’s posts about this new patch and it really got me to resubscribe last night. Not only that, but 2 friends of mine did the same thing. The performance improvement is noticeable, I like some of the changes they made to early Tiers and now the news of patch 1.3.3 got me more excited.

    It’s still not quite where it should be, in my opinion, but the changes are very positive and I see they are in the right direction. After they get the base game in good shape, they should start working on adding content and get the word that an expansion is on its way.

    • shadowwar says:

      I’m looking forward to the future of WAR as well. They’ve really made a ton of improvements in the last few patches, and it really looks like they are going the right way now.

  5. CMK says:

    I think Frank’s assessment about Mythic’s current patch direction is spot-on, when he says it’s good that they’re not trying to out-shine the newest games on the block, and rather are simply polishing and fixing what they have. After the “new shiny” has worn off, I think that’d be a good time to announce any expansion plans.

  6. naamah88 says:

    I am still not willing to resub at this time but a couple of more patches like this will make me rethink that. I really, REALLY wanted WAR to work. It was my “holy grail” of MMOs until it totally fell apart.

    I love Aion but WAR is more to my visual style so if they ever get it working as well as Aion performance-wise and add some compelling PvE, I would love to get back into it.

  7. skarbd says:

    Good to see you are back on the wagon. A good time to return I think. It’s amazing what a more consistent frame rate does to people perception of a game. I suppose this is why the better hardware review sites, add minimum frame rates to their tests. It’s not how high you go, it’s how slow you are.

    Good on Mythic for grinding away at the game and thus removing the rough edges.

    • shadowwar says:

      Absolutely agree. The only downside I see from playing so far (on two servers, been giving my DoK some much needed love) is that people don’t like going to the city EVERY night. I’m sure it will probably die down soon, but it gets real dull real fast, especially the number of instances that wind up empty of Order given current population trends.

  8. theerivs says:

    Why are Chosen always blamed?

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