1.3.2 Last testing, for realz

baby bumI got to poke about on the test server for about an hour last night in WAR (thanks to my buddy who let me look around). I finished my class last night, and headed straight home, eager to play around with the changes. I booted up the test server, and waited patiently as a 20 minute (or so) download began. I whipped up a delicious meal of left-overs, chit-chatted with the wife, then jumped onto Warpstone. Of course, first thing I did was make a template, RR80 Shadow Warrior, my first true love. This was around 8:30 PM EST. At around 9:00 PM EST, I actually finished picking gear, socketing items, setting up my UI, and choosing my mastery/renown abilities. 30 minutes isn’t too bad of a time to do all that, but time was a commodity I didn’t have. I was down to about 30 minutes of playtime before I had to log off, and I wanted to fight with every bit of it.

Luckily, I was obliged. I was started in Reikland, where the testing was taking place, and the  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”the “>hoardes of people on both sides brought the gauntlet. Yes, hoardes of people. I was at Wilhelm’s Fist the entire time, and saw warbands upon warbands from both Destruction and Order, and the game ran smooth as butter. Smoother maybe, I might go as far as to say, as a baby’s behind. It was astounding how much improvement they had made to the stability of the game with this patch. I noticed it the second I logged in really.

Champions Online had performed great for me at first, but after one of their patches, my FPS really tanked. I heard it’s because of video options on the higher end weren’t actually being applied properly. It may have just been a rumor, but either way you slice it, I went from 30+ fps in the game down to 17-20 fps. A noticeable difference. So, going from what seemed like a disjointed, clunky at-times game play, to WAR on the patch server was a strong contrast. It was like running without weights. I felt light as air, and able to turn on a dime. Even with hundreds of people around me, the responsiveness of my abilities and movement still came off as crisp and immediate. More than anything, this impressed me, and convinced me to come back to the game shortly after the patch launches.

As far as the technical break down of how the Shadow Warrior performs, I wasn’t blown away, but I was pretty happy. The new No Quarter tactic that makes Eagle Eye a one second cast ability really helps with the mobility of the Scout Shadow Warrior, and makes a primarily scout, secondary skirmish build greater viability. The class is still faced with the problem of range on abilities, and dealing with a cumbersome stance mechanic, but it’s a step in the right direction. It will take more than the 30 minutes of play that I did to really be able to figure out a strong build and adapt my playstyle, but I think the viability of the SW just improved, largely impart because of the stagger change being brought in. If single target is going to reign supreme, SW will have a place of operation. I’m particularly curious if DoTs that don’t have an initial strike to them are going to end staggers. A long-time complaint of mine has been that BHA and SS don’t dismount people, because they are pure DoT, but if the concept gets carried over to stagger, it could mean a huge advantage for the class, one I’d be happy to trade out for not dismounting people with those skills.

My biggest disappointment was not being able to play more. I really wanted to check out the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Blackguard class, but I didn’t have another two hours to go through the whole set-up and play routine with them. This means I need to rely on all of you people out there on the interwebz to fill me in. Did you play either of the classes during the testing? Hell, did you play any other classes and want to chime in. I know Werit played his Engie, and he can’t be alone. How do you Magi like having a copy of Throwing Arm? Let me know boys and girls.


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8 Responses to 1.3.2 Last testing, for realz

  1. Werit says:

    It was amazingly smooth. I am eager for 1.3.2 now 🙂

  2. Menset says:

    Please guys dont give us false hope. 🙂

    Sounds great, I am really looking forward to the patch now.

  3. pitrelli says:

    Nice one glad to hear the lag and stability have been nailed, my main hate of WAR when I played it was the fact my ability took too long to actually trigger after I’d pressed the action almost like it was delayed.

    As for Champions FPS – I found that after the first few patches in open beta my fps tanked so I would hate to see it now. I was averageing 30-40 then went down to 10-20 which made it akin to a slide show for the best part of fights.

    Both WAR and Champions will no doubt get bought and played in the future since Im destined to be a MMO nomad but I’ll probably wait till I’ve bought a new pc.

    • shadowwar says:

      Waiting on Champions is probably a good idea. It’s sad, because the game is fun overall, and I really enjoy playing it, however, the lack of content and the unexplicable drop in framerate has really killed my enjoyment. I still jump in from time to time, and I’ll be poking about for sure come the bloodmoon thing, but it still kills me how few options there are for me to do stuff. They created only a small surplus of quests for players to choose from, including dropped quests and “citizen” quests. I think they underestimated how much they needed since their previous project (CoH) was structured so differently.

  4. Castamere says:

    Talk of 1.3.2 smoothness has kind of rekindled my interest in perhaps starting up WAR again. Werit’s videos were smooth and supple as silk. Seeing the warbands clash and some small PvP action has given me an itch that Champions isn’t scratching.

    I spent last night testing the Blood Moon stuff, think I may be rolling a toon with some Celestial slapped in. Leveled a test dummy to 40 to do some testing.

    I may wait until the hopefully eventual news of a 3rd faction in WAR and see what is cooking based on that. I’m so far removed and the servers I used to be on have since merged that a new faction with some new faces/guilds would probably be more up my alley.

    • shadowwar says:

      It really is impressive. His video did a great job of giving a visceral feel of how far it came. That said, I am keeping an eye to reality, and acknowledging that it was just a test server, it was not live, and that all things can change then. I’m going to wait a tidbit, if news is still good a week from today, I’ll resub, and then let you all know my impressions.

  5. theerivs says:

    Sigh, Really your going to make me resub AGAIN. I feel like the Godfather. You think I’m out then they pull me back in.

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