Look Ma!

I can create my own comic book!

About Shadow
Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

3 Responses to Look Ma!

  1. canazza says:

    I tried it out, but the command doesn’t seem to work, nor does it seem to want to bind to anything.

  2. pitrelli says:

    If they polish it up it would be an interesting feature, I think it would be kind of cool if after completing a diffcult chain of quests they sent you a comic or at least a few panels detailing your victory, maybe you would get sent it in an email or something, it would certainly be a nice touch and give you something permanent to remember your efforts by.

  3. shadowwar says:

    That would be very cool. I didn’t actually get to play around with it yet. School has been kicking my ass lately, and I won’t have any chance to fiddle with it Saturday or Sunday unfortanetly. /sigh It’s a great idea, and hope to see them really develop it out further.

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