Seventeen Days

17Is how long I’ve lasted before the return itch started bugging me. I want to shoot people in the face™ damnit! I’m craving the fast paced, PvP challenge and triumph. I want to run around and never know that I’m safe. I want to jump into a sea of chaos and come out on top or face down in the dirt.


But I know I’ll still be frustrated right now if I return immediately, 1.3.2 hasn’t dropped yet, and I haven’t really heard a full sounding on what the changes for the SW have been like and how they have played out. I could always reactivate my BG account instead and just go leveling… No. I’m going to do my damndest to hold out for another month, but don’t be surprised if I cave after this current subscription cycle is over and can’t hold out for another. At my core, I’m a lover of PvP, PvE just doesn’t have a good draw on me. I don’t care if I can beat some scripted event with a group of other players, real people create real challenges and surprises.



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7 Responses to Seventeen Days

  1. skarbd says:

    Wait for about a week after 1.3.2 and then return. Don’t worry your only a man, we aren’t meant to have lots of will power 🙂

  2. Rer says:

    The Aion Abyss Fights Are Calling You! >:D

  3. Nosmo King says:

    I have yet to get into the PvP but I agree- Aion is calling. Great game!

  4. Jim says:

    I am having the same problem. I am really trying to hold out until the next patch. Then I will start a new alt and try the experience. But in the last month I have tried Aion, Champions, Vanguard, and Fallen Earth. Nothing is keeping my attention I am going crazy.

    • shadowwar says:

      I hear you. Champions, while great, is very much a casual MMO. Partially because it’s content-lite, and the crafting isn’t very deep. There is group content toward the end (starting around mid 20s) that is a lot of fun, but very little that I can see in way of end-game, which was my original concern. Vanguard I never could get into, and FE I haven’t tried (though I really want to). If you’re looking for PvE content, I really suggest EQ2 or LotRO. Two of the BEST PvE experiences I’ve seen out there. Or go to DDO for the free PvE experience.

  5. CMK says:

    I would love to go back to WAR and my badass Chosen, honestly – but until they fix the absolute catastrophe that is bomb groups and make fortresses as fun as they promised they’d be, I’m not interested. Hell, even then I might pass until they introduce a third faction. In their baffling insistence to not create DAoC II, they really gimped balance. I’m having enough fun in Champions to tide me over.

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