Long Weekend

EQ2 - 77 MC Plate ArmorSo, I had Friday and Today off from work. Sadly, I didn’t get to just lounge away my days, playing video games. No, I actually had to do stuff. Friday, my wife and I went to this huge, high-end, used-baby-stuff sale. High-chairs, swings, strollers, changing tables, all that crap, and all held to a strict quality control for second-hand stuff. When we walked into the building, I was the only drop of testosterone in a sea of estrogen. I felt incredibly out-of-place. Eventually though, the baby-buying extravaganza ended. We walked out with some great deals (got this Baby-Einstein play-walker-thing for half of new, and it still had the tags on it and the instruction manual), but it still wasn’t what I had hoped to do with my day off.

Saturday and Sunday proved to be a good deal more enjoyable, as I got to put in a few solid hours on each EQ2 and CO. My Shadowknight in EQ2 is now level 78, half way to 79. I’ve been doing the solo-quest routine, making stupid money and harvest where I can to improve as many as my spells to Adept 3 (now known as expert) quality. A very helpful Alchemist has offered to do the combines for me for at no additional charge if I provide the loam, as long as he can keep the dust from the combines. Works for me. I’ve had 9 spells made so far, and I’m waiting on the four I sent him the other day to be returned, not too shabby for a weeks worth of work. That will leave me with only nine abilities not yet made expert quality. On top of that, I’ve been able to purchase a full suit of the level 77 mastercrafted plate armor, which looks amazing. You can see from the screen shot to the side here, that even today, EQ2 holds up graphically. It may not be AoC pretty, but it’s pretty damn good. I haven’t been playing any alts yet, as I really just want to get my SK to the cap, finish off his skills, and then start looking for guilds, and seeing what this whole Shadow Odyssey, shard dungeon stuff is about.

In CO news, they’ve given a second round of retcons to everyone. Which I promptly used to make some…subtle… tweaks to my Power Armor character. Yeah…he’s now fully a TK build. I couldn’t resist myself. The Power Armor is fun, but it just doesn’t have the oomph that I wanted out of it, and the vision doesn’t mesh with my own. I think more Iron Man, they seem to think more Gundam/Manga style. Laser swords, energy shields, etc… And while it all looks amazing (as it all does in that game) I wanted something different. There are a couple powers that fit amazing with my concept, but I am really going to need to sit and think on it all for a while before I come up with a final character concept that I can translate into the game.

The above really highlights one of the best things about the game, you can come up with almost any concept for a super hero, and see it play out before your eyes. The possibilities are endless. Now, if they can just get some new content in there, I’ll be happy. The biggest downside to CO is that after playing one character through, you’ve exhausted all the possible content. This is a major drawback, and one I know they are quickly working to rectify, but it needs to be done soon, I want to really enjoy all the alts I make. I know it will never be as enjoyable as the first run through, but there shouldn’t be such a huge drop-off in fun as I reach the mid-tier game. This is a game who’s founding principle is options and mutability, provide that to us, please.

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