*Slapping forearm*

InjectionGoing back to EQ2 might have been a foolish decision for me, and not because the game is bad. Everquest 2 is probably the MMO that I played the longest for one stretch of time over any other game. It’s the MMO that I connect the most with in terms of gaming history. I spent a lot (and I mean a LOT) of time in that game, and loved 99% of it. The problem I’m seeing is that diving back into the game, I’m remembering how deep the game is, and how entrenched I can get into it, and I really do like to touch the bottom of the pond.

Last night is a prime example. I finished up with my hunting and questing for the evening around 10pm EST. I had CSI playing in the background, and my reminder to watch Ultimate Fighter came up on the TV screen. So, I swap channels, call back to Freeport, and turn to watch my show. My intent was to sell my crap, buy rares for my spells to upgrade, and setting up my vendor before I log off, all during the commercial breaks. First thing I do, is sell the junk in my backpacks, then head to the broker. This can be a real “time-sink” if you let it, people are selling everything imaginable in this game. There is so much crap to do, that the majority of what you pick up, has some sort of use to SOMEONE.

So, I start dropping items into my display cases, and click the handy “search for item” button.  This shows me anything up for sale on the broker that matches the item I clicked on, and lets me set prices to be competitive (i.e. undercut the bastards already in so I can get my moniez!). It used to be, you would have to search manually, and typos were the bane of your existence. So, dropping 20-30 items on the broker, searching for prices, setting up sales, and withdrawing anything that sells for only copper, took two commercial breaks, both of which I overlapped  a couple minutes into the actual show.

Okay, playing the market. That’s got a very Gordon Gecko, shark-ish, manly-man vibe. Ruthlessly outselling competitors to make it in the Darwinistic economy of a virtual world. Funding my goals and pushing toward the lofty goal of financial dominance. But then, I went to my apartment. /sigh. I spent the remaining commercial breaks just unloading all my crap from the moving box. Thank God I lost the majority of my stuff a couple years back on a move from one home to another, otherwise, I’d have even more useless junk to unload. As is, when I took the cheapest room in a hovel of Freeport, I had a lot of stuff to put on the ground. I found an amazing 5 bedroom apartment in North Freeport that doesn’t have those stupid high ceilings that make it impossible to truely hang things, and I want that apartment to be mine, but I’ll go shopping others this weekend. Maybe Neriak or Gorowyn has something nice.

Poor 6 month subscription to Champions, I’m afraid that even being a new shiny, nothing can compete with Eversmack for time, and you may not get quite the level of attention you were hoping for.


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