From the patch notes for Champions:

  • Minimines – Drastically nerfed. This should not shock anyone.

That’s just funny.


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2 Responses to Hilarious

  1. sonickat says:

    First let me say that I have Minimines on my Munitions character, my wife does also. We both were anticipating a nerf so this was no surprise. It was hilarious to see the Devs take such a light hearted approach to the Test Server patch notes.

    Despite the joke and nerf mini-mines still remains a very viable pve ability. Rank 2 with Firwall will still drop a henchmen on TS right now to half health. Thats essentially the same damage as a fully charged single target attack does but done to anything in melee range.

    I dunno about anyone else but MM is going to stay part of my build.

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