I’m going to be taking a break from WAR. I still love the game, but I’m just needing some time away. I’m going to try to still keep an eye on the going’s-on of the game and hope to be playing it again regularly sometime in the near future (maybe 6 months, when my current CO sub runs dry). Truely, they just haven’t done enough for my favorite class in-game, and all we have are vague promises of rectification. If I start hearing good things about the Shadow Warrior, it will probably get me to come back more quickly.

In the mean-time, I’m going back to EQ2 to fill my WAR slot. I’m not 100% sure yet if I’m going to be playing my old SK on the PvE server, or a bruiser I started on a PvP server, or both. I’ll be keeping you updated either way.

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2 Responses to Break

  1. Grimnir says:


    My Shadow Warrior is almost r40 now too. Assault-with-a-toothpick spec.. hehe. I have lots of fun with him running in and slapping 4 different people with CC before a Sorc blows my ass up. Of course, that’s the same problem I have on any of my melee toons…

    I’ll keep ya updated 😉 1.3.2 is lookin better every day now.

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