One step on the journey…

DogboneNate Levy let the Shadow Warrior community know that we’d finally be getting a mirror to Aimin’ Quickly. So sometime in the future we will have a 1 second eagle eye as a bone thrown to us to keep us from canceling. It’s one of the multiple changes that I thought was needed as a bare minimum to bring the class more in line with the power curve of other RDPS classes. This is a first step, and a welcome one, but I’m not going to get all giddy over this move. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s not even 100% in game yet. I wait to see what other changes they herald in with it before being able to comment on the viability of the class.

It’s funny, but a week back I was playing my Knight in a guild group, and I commented on how much easier the class was to play than my Shadow Warrior. Just in terms of gameplay, and the level of attention I had to give to do what I was there for, and my guild leader scoffed a little bit when I said it. He plays a Knight at RR80, and an IB at RR70-something. He’s one of the best players I know in-game, and it surprises me when people as knowledgeable as him still don’t understand just how much more difficult the game becomes when playing a class like the Shadow Warrior in the current state it is in. If HE doesn’t really get it, what hope do I have of being able to get the point across the unwashed masses?


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4 Responses to One step on the journey…

  1. Eronair says:

    He most likey does understand but as you just told him that his primary class (tank) in WAR is an “easy” class to play he as a human will put up his guard to defend his primary class choice of play. Sorry I couldn’t think of a better way to put my thoughts out, I hope it comes across ok.
    I have leveled several class now and by far the SW was/is the hardest. The though I agree the 1sec EE is a good step it just cannot be the last.

    • shadowwar says:

      I’m sure that’s what it was as well. Natural defense on something that is considered property is expected, it still took me for a loop though.

  2. Castamere says:

    I love Basset Hounds. But that’s neither here nor there.

    I’m some months removed from my stint in WAR but I do believe that I was most fund of my Shadow Warrior on the Order side due to its level of complexity. Did they ever make a mod to help stance dancing around any easier? I think the lack of population lending its voice to the class’ woes also hurts implementing changes for the class. Obviously making it a carbon copy of the Squiggy isn’t sufficient (I am still rueful of the balancing done to Slayers and Choppas that made them nearly carbon copies of each other) giving 1 sec EE is a start.

    I wonder how much longer they will take to implement some further class changes? I know they want to take metrics after the recent bout of adjustments to CC and AE’s and have proceeded with revamps of the Archmage and Shaman but I assume more changes are forthcoming for classes like the Blackguard, the SW, the Magus, etc.

    • shadowwar says:

      There were ways around it, like useing a nerfed buttons with a hotkey to check to see if you have the stance “buff” already active that SHOULD prevent you from swapping unwantedly. Now that I think of that, it wouldn’t be that hard to set up, and I wonder why I never did it myself.

      But yes, carbon copy balance I think is dull and bland, and hope that the SW doesn’t become SH 2.0, let it keep it’s own unique flavor and feel, but still be comparable in it’s intended role.

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