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5 Responses to And…Action!

  1. Rer says:

    Nice! XD Stop tempting me to play Champions! Lol

  2. Castamere says:

    Good job. For your sake I hope they fix Gunslinger – it is one of the worst Energy Builders in the game with Strafe from Archery.

    Still, I love the moves (Acrobatics is fun) and the name/outfit. I’ve thought of doing a Gun/Blade sort of character but I see lots of folks running around with them (mostly all Deadpool lookalikes) and reroll.

    • shadowwar says:

      The Deadpool clones do hurt my soul a bit every time I see one. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more Equilibrium characters considering that the flavor text of some of the munitions powers directly reference the Gun Kata and other tid-bits from the movie.

  3. razsk says:

    Is Acrobatics viable as long distance travel power? I had in open beta and liked it in combat situations, but I felt it took too long to travel around in the open world?

    • shadowwar says:

      It is one of the slower powers (if not the slowest), and it lacks strong vertical travel. Still, it’s much faster than regular running, and does have some vertical bonuses in your jump. It’s like a mix of a tweaked down super jump and super speed. Additionally, I believe it causes the least energy increase in powers of all the travel powers, which might be worth it if you’re PvP’ing a lot.

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