I made a deal…

The Dark One's Comments…with a dark entity when I started this blog.

In all seriousness, I don’t pay much attention to my stats, but every now and then, one of the numbers that splashes across my dashboard page catches my eye. Today was one of those moments.

One step on the journey…

DogboneNate Levy let the Shadow Warrior community know that we’d finally be getting a mirror to Aimin’ Quickly. So sometime in the future we will have a 1 second eagle eye as a bone thrown to us to keep us from canceling. It’s one of the multiple changes that I thought was needed as a bare minimum to bring the class more in line with the power curve of other RDPS classes. This is a first step, and a welcome one, but I’m not going to get all giddy over this move. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s not even 100% in game yet. I wait to see what other changes they herald in with it before being able to comment on the viability of the class.

It’s funny, but a week back I was playing my Knight in a guild group, and I commented on how much easier the class was to play than my Shadow Warrior. Just in terms of gameplay, and the level of attention I had to give to do what I was there for, and my guild leader scoffed a little bit when I said it. He plays a Knight at RR80, and an IB at RR70-something. He’s one of the best players I know in-game, and it surprises me when people as knowledgeable as him still don’t understand just how much more difficult the game becomes when playing a class like the Shadow Warrior in the current state it is in. If HE doesn’t really get it, what hope do I have of being able to get the point across the unwashed masses?

CO: State of the Game

You can read it here.

Of particular interest based off of the amount of posts I’ve seen on blogs and in the forums is the additional content for the 30’s level ranges. That’s where most people say they see a real level gap. Since I just reached the 30s recently, this tickle me. Of course, it’s not slated to go live for a couple weeks yet. Apparently, I was busy leveling while everyone else was making alts! Three other tidbits that make me happy  are the black/white colors for powers, skipping the tutorial, and automated enemies in the powerhouse to test your abilities against. Some of these are more difficult for them than expected based on technical aspects, but they’re working on it and recognize the demand for it, which is a good thing.


I’ve been trying for days now to upload properly my video of Munitions character from CO. It seems I’m rather unlucky in that I have a monitor that is 5 years old now, and most definitely not a widescreen. I run at 1280×1024, which seems to be an “odd” ratio in terms of video. For whatever reason, the video I’m trying to make with Windows Movie Maker keeps ending up squished from the sides whenever I render it into an HD format, as if it’s trying to make it widescreen by default, and there are no settings to change it in WMM. The actual recorded bits end up narrow and elongated, looking like crap. I don’t know what I’m doing different now from before, but it’s a slow process of render, then upload to youtube to see if it looks right. If I can’t get it to work, I’ll see if I can get a good compression with Sony Vegas. Vegas is a far more powerful program, and I adore the editing portion of the software, but the rendering aspects I have almost zero skill in.

Oh, and here’s a screencap of the one costume request I got 😉

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