Request from House Minority

This will be one of my rare, and few forays into a post outside the typical purview of gaming. I try to not to get overly political here at times, it’s not what you guys come here for, and not what the focus of this blog is. This however is one of those instances that I feel I really needed to put into words what my thoughts were.

Unless your head has been buried under a rock or you just ignore politics altogether, you’ve probably been hearing about ACORN and the undercover amateur journalism done that has exposed multiple instances of employees complicit in attempt to defraud the IRS and assist in imported under-age prostitution. There have been three videos of this at three different locations across the country, Baltimore, D.C., New York, and a fourth from California is supposed to be out sometime today.

Republican’s have officially put in a requestto the President to have all funding to the organization cut off, and all block funding prohibited from being allocated to them. I hope that the request is viewed favorably, and that this organization sees repercussions. This organization has been on the outskirts of legality for what seems a long time. There is a constant battering of accusations thrown against them, and a just as steady flow of scapegoat employees being sacrificed to the gods of appeasement. The eleven employees in Miamiweren’t even the start of their shady interactions.

These recent revelations might have been explained away if there was only a singular instance, or if the first two had been in regionally limited area (say, the same city, or the same state even). However, we have three instances all up the East coast, and now are going to have a fourth on the opposite side of the country. I don’t see how any reasonable person can claim these as isolated incidents. A repeated pattern of behavior in a corporation shows the intended activities of its employees. These employees learn this behavior from the corporation they are a part of. It seems clear to me, that  ACORN allows and encourages this type of activity at the very least, and would not be surprised if this is actively pursued as the way to handle clients. Watching the videos of the employees shows a far to practiced and comfortable hand in realm they are engaging.

I think that the U.S. Census made the right decision in parting ways with ACORN, and this happened well before all of this hit the fans. The reasons might have been different, but I believe that the Census’ withdrawl from the deal will provide just one more blow to the tenuous reasons for the continued relationship between the U.S. Government and ACORN. I hope that President Obama hears the Minority Request, and takes it to heart, realizing that the organization that he once had such strong ties with may not be the group he remembers them as.


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2 Responses to Request from House Minority

  1. Grimnir says:

    Never been a fan of ACORN. Glad they’re getting teeth kicked in regardless of the motivation behind it. They’ve been great for the zombie population in Florida and getting them out to vote. =D

    I did enjoy the advice the ACORN people gave to the “pimp” and his three “prostitutes” when they came in asking questions.

    • shadowwar says:

      I particularly like the lady hwo told the “prostitute” to take her money, and bury it in a tin can in her backyard. As a Floridian myself as well, I’m not so sure I want those zombies out voting. Sometimes I think a minimal aptitude test should be required.

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