A fun-sucking vampire

why do you hate funRobert Kotick.

I stumbled on this article thanks to Syp’s “Quote of the Day“. I thought surely, the quote was a tongue in cheek statement, with the guy actually fostering a great working environment (I know next to nothing about Activision). No, it turns out the guy really is that much of a jackass. I don’t play the CoD games, and I bought Rock Band (the superior product). Still, even that I haven’t played in months. The games are fun, but already past their prime. One of the commentors did an excellent job of drawing a corollary between Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. Niche products whose popularity is on the decline.

Really, the article is a fun read, if for nothing more than the comments.


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2 Responses to A fun-sucking vampire

  1. Rer says:

    *Garlic and Stake At The Ready*


  2. Eronair says:

    It has to be understood that the guy is pandering to the shareholders. Look at the crowd he was adressing, bankers. He is the type of guy who is good for the bottom line and not gamers. I have a few extra pitchforks and torches if someone wants to bring some rope and a light for the torches we are set to go!

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