What’d you do this weekend?

psylockeI put together a baby crib and changing table.

Then I completely respec’d my hero from high tech armor and weapons, a laser sword wielding ball of metallic destruction into a Telekinetic Dervish. Wielding blue swords of crackling mental energy, he is now the epitome of mental perfection, able to manifest his will by a mere thought. Upon realizing this transformation he ventured into the lair of an appropriate foe, Telios. After defeating one mad geneticist, I went to the island home of another, monster island. These made for an interesting trip through the last levels of the twenties and into thirty. If you’re interested in details, keep reading.

So, CO finally fixed the bug that broke the full retcon button, so of course, first thing I did was take my main and totally undo everything he stood for. Where once I had an iron-clad (see what I did there?) warrior, who used technology and brains to decimate all who stood before him and relied upon his suit to keep him safe, Three (my hero’s name) is now primarily a telekinetic-based character. Being completely honest, the set isn’t as powerful, that may be for a couple of reasons, but either way you slice it, it just doesn’t work as well in the areas that Power Armor did, which is fine, everything shouldn’t be identical.

I had been playing my Power Armor (henceforth PA) character more like a tank than anything else. Invulnerability is just an incredibly powerful defensive passive. Even after the nerf, it still is one of the most powerful I’ve gotten to use in terms of pure damage mitigation. As strong as he was though, the way I was playing him didn’t feel right. The entirety of my gameplay was flying up to a group of mobs, and chopping up the closest enemy with my laser sword. I would just spam the one attack. With the advantage “laser knight”, it meant that my shield was up almost all the time, and I took even less damage. So, while fun to do this, it got a bit repetitive, and considering how hard my laser sword hit, things were too easy, that’s what I get for playing a DPS-Tank hybrid (WoWs Deathknight anyone? EZ mode – lol!!1!!!1!)

Multiple_manIn any matter, the telekinetic powerset seems it is a lot more fun, or maybe it’s just that I finally got to do a 5-man instance. Telios’ Tower. Telios is a crazed geneticist, trying to bring about perfection to the human race, and believes himself to be the pinnacle of humanity. He has clones of himself all throughout his tower, spliced with various genes from other sources, creating twisted reflections of who he is. From tentacled psionists, to inhumanly large, muscle-bound behemoths, and then toss in a dash of cyborg velociraptors (devs must be XKCD fans) and giant wolves, and that’s what the instance was, more or less. Oh, and a big, mega-brain that shoots laser beams at the end. For the first “real” instance I got to play in game, it was a lot of fun.The difficulty was just right, as a pug, we went through it and only died a handful of times (before the mega-brain). It was hectic, chaotic, and fast-paced. The entire thing didn’t take more than an hour and a half. With a PUG, no voice communication, and loosing one member half way through. Not bad at all. If future instances follow this same pattern, life will be good. There are a few others I want to do still, but haven’t found the people for, and I wanted to move on to monster island.

The introduction to monster island threw me for a bit of a loop. I got a quest to go there, and then placed in a queue, as if I was going into a PvP match. A bit befuddled, I flew around taking care of a few banking type things, and got the notification to go in. So, in I went, and a cut-scene later the realization came to me: an introduction PQ with a few other people to set the story for the zone, it’s a crisis zone, much like the Desert/Canada ones. As far as PQs go, this one was top notch. I’ll give the highlights without ruining the story. I saw a suped-up, drug-frenzied agent of Viper, I got to play with a giant robot T-rex, blow up military grade AA artillery, and help a flaming King-Kong fight a genetically altered mega-dinosaur and it’s herds of regular-sized dinosaurs. Very cool stuff. I’m looking forward to what the rest of zone holds for me. I can’t remember if I took any screenshots or not, but if I can find some, I’ll put them up here with some other in-game goodies when I get home today, one of which will be a short video of my low-level munitions character, running around, shooting the shit out of stuff.

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5 Responses to What’d you do this weekend?

  1. canazza says:

    the Monster Island Crisis is bloody excellent, you can do it again too once you’re out. Just find the Memorial Totem on the beach (between B17 and the Manimal camp) and you can queue again 😀

  2. pitrelli says:

    bah everytime I read your champions storys it gives me the urge to just bite the bullet and buy it. Even in beta I had an insane ammount of fun but alas I’m wanting to wait and see what happens at level cap.

    Anyway keep up the champions posts …..and videos always rock 😉

  3. skarbd says:

    A picture of Psylocke is always pleasant.

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