Well, I’m staggered


You cannot resist me.

With all my recent play of Champions, I really haven’t been keeping much of an eye on WAR. I know, I know, WAR needs attention too, and is always begging me to play. Just like my dog, when he runs up to me with a toy in his mouth, big brown eyes yearning for someone to play tug-of-war with. Sometimes, Avalanche (my puppy) just has to wait while I finish what I’m doing. WAR is suffering the same fate to some degree. I’m preoccupied right now learning a new game, and getting to max level and seeing the sights. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back shortly to get in a wrestling match with you though.

However, I came upon an old message from C&C lead at Mythic I thought was important to talk about.

I’m trying to look at the intent and the conceptual conclusion to the direction that the game seems to be taking here, and what I see is good. When Mythic first started launching video interviews and podcasts, one of the messages they kept hitting over and over was the limited and focused state of crowd control. That the majority of these abilities would lie within the tank careers. Tanks would do decent to low damage, but they would be the ones who controlled the battle line, determining where the fight was fought. However, release and a year later, this is not the case at all. AoE disables/stuns/etc… are found on many, many classes outside of the tanks, and some classes have more CC abilities than tanks do. One of the few strengths of the Shadow Warrior, was that they have access to almost every form of CC if they so choose (Snare, Silence, Root, Knockdown, Disarm, Knockback, Stun).

Yes, this is my dog.

Yes, this is my dog.

So, this message from Nate Levy outlines a course back to the original idea of having the bulk of the crowd control lie in the hands of the tanks, giving a two-fold result. Tanks will have more reason to play defensively, if they move the CC abilities to the defensive tree (like he mentioned making CC mastery skills), and also, tanks will be more of a threat,  and give the enemy more of a reason to target them over squishies. I think healers and other soft targets will almost always get burned first, even after these changes, but this will make people hesitate over it sometimes, and let the tank make the enemies trying to do so face more of a challenge. I know on my knight, I am there for three reasons, and three reasons only. Guard, No Escape, and my resist aura. Three powerful and great skills, but it would be nice to bring something more.


Before I wrap this up, I do want to touch on the removal of stuns. In practicality, there is no difference between a Stun and a Knockdown. Both stop movement, and stop usage of abilities. They function in the exact same manner, but have different names. Changing stuns/knockdowns that last longer than 3 seconds to the stagger mechanic will place these tools to a more conscious choice, specific intent style of gameplay, and that brings with it greater strategy and fun. I think it’s the better way to go for the game. Of course, this completely kills the Keen Arrowheads tactic on my Shadow Warrior, but I can take one for the team I guess. Really, this will cause my guild to shift tactics tremendously, we run bomb groups almost exclusively, and it is a lot of fun, but the betterment of the game as a whole is at stake here I believe, so I’m willing to take it on the chin.

Happy hunting all.


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8 Responses to Well, I’m staggered

  1. skarbd says:

    I think that the introduction of Stagger and hopefully what it portends to, is good for the future of warhammer.

    We have seen what console style CC gives us and it’s not pretty. It certainly doesn’t warrant being in a MMO, developed by the creators of DAOC.

    PS – Let Guard be improved upon, by upping it’s protection, the more put in that defensive specline. Drop the split damage and make it like DAOC bodyguard. Basic level 50%, 75%, 100%. Then you will see the Tanks being targeted.

    • shadowwar says:

      I would love to see a greater split of sorts from guard, that would be amazing. If you’re taking all the damage (and mitigating it) that the BW should be, people are going to find out real quick and start to burn you down.

  2. Castamere says:

    As a lover of all things canine I implore you to not insert pictures of your dog into future posts. My reading comprehension plummets and I forget what…

    Hey cute dog!

  3. pitrelli says:

    haha aww it is a cute doggy 🙂

    Id be interested in your opinion of WARs fate once Aion is properly up and running. Do you think it will steal alot of players?

    • shadowwar says:

      My initial opinion, is that yes, it will steal a lot of players in the short term. Many people are frustrated with WAR, and any time a new-shiney comes out, people are going to flock to it. The MMO community as a whole is full of tourists now, hoping from game to game, rarely settling one for a long haul (for whatever reason).

      I make the following prediction (which means the opposite will happen I’m sure): after 3-6 months, Aion’s popularity will die down. People will see it’s not the messiah of the genre, it IS a grind, the game is NOT as balanced as they though, populations are NOT balanced like they would want them, and that they are going to be just as frustrated by Aion as they are by WAR. Some that left from WAR will stay, liking what it is. Some that left from WAR will go elsewhere (i.e. SW:TOR), others will come back to WAR, realizing all the good things that it offers and eager to see what changes have been made.

      Of course, I can point to pretty much any new release and say that. People flock to new shineys. I’ll look into the situation come December/March 😉

  4. Zee says:

    In level 23 now. 7 more to beat a whole lot of friends… 🙂
    How long more to go? 😦

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