Psychic Snakes – FROM SPACE

screenshot_2009-09-08-22-32-58Continuing in my super-heroic efforts of Champions Online, I’ve been sticking with my Power Armor character, and resisting the temptation to play my alts. Three demands my time, and if he doesn’t get it, I’ll probably have a chest beam go through my head. Or a laser sword leave me one-armed and unable to blog. I didn’t game too much these last 5 days, for a couple of reasons.

  1. Labor Day holiday.
  2. Booze (for said holiday).
  3. U.S. Open “My name is Rafael Nadal, I will switch my racket in the first set and commence with the ass-beating”
  4. Sweet, sweet sleep.
  5. Jury duty.

Yes, I’m a tennis fan. I love tennis, and watch every major that comes along. I’ve noticed that as I get older, I watch it more, not sure why. I was never a huge football/basketball/baseball fan, but I LOVE watching tennis. If you missed James Blake’s match that went 7 sets in this open, you missed one of the best knock-down, drag-out matches in U.S. Open history. It was amazing to watch.

However, I did get some time in.

I got to level 27 a couple days back, and then spent the remainder of my time doing all the old missions I had out leveled in the Canadian Desert. A handy feature called the, “Crime Computer” keeps track of any random missions you get assigned from civilians/Socrates, as well as lets you know what NPCs still have quests remaining for you to do. Doing all of the greyed-out missions in Canada got me fully from 27 to 28. Not too shabby for a bunch of level 9-13 quests. While doing them, I tried my damnedest to not really pay attention to them, as my next character is coming up in that zone, and I don’t want to lose “freshness” of it by making it something stale and a repeat.

After Canada, I went to Millenium City, and there I got to do a lot of exploring. The late 20’s quests of the zone really highlight the environment more than the mid-late teens quests did. You spend more time in downtown proper, instead of the broken down slums and ghettos. The diversity and hidden nooks and crannies that I found all over the place are really impressive. From Pagoda-filled parks and brilliant cherry-blossoms, to multi-terraced walkways around water features by recessed garages that are the entrance to terrorist communes, there are coast lines full of beautifully rendered WWII airplanes in the courtyard of a companies complex, and back-alley atriums with magically enticed vegetation creating vines as thick as a mans chest, and a soft green hue that fills the air with a sense of mystery and the arcane. This is a game that fully realizes all 3 dimensions of the world they created and has made use of it unlike any MMO before it that I have encountered.

Some of the most interesting moments in MMO games are when we come upon new content. When we get new quests, find ourselves in new zones, or  encounter new enemies. Rather than just recolored models of previous opponents, when we find entirely new and unique foes to vanquish, we all get our interest piqued just a bit more. Champions so far has been incredible and having diverse array of baddies for me to fell en-masse. I’ve seen floating brains, zombies, irradiated humans, wild-animals, military-organizations, lizard-men and more different opponents than I can even recount. I was honestly beginning to think that they had run out of concepts on which to create challenges. Last night proved me wrong.

When I came upon my latest victims, I just laughed at how insane and original they were. I shit you not, I got to kill psychic space snakes. I was flying to a mission, and there was a giant fissure in the asphalt of a road, and emergency vehicles surrounded the problem. All around were what appeared to be humanoid space-suits, with giant glass bubbles for helmets. When I got closer and could look inside these masks, what I saw was a sinuous s-shape of some type of snake-reptile head. When they started using telekinetic swords and ego powers at me, I just couldn’t contain myself. It seems like every new corner I turn brings me something new, and that alone has been making my experience of this game so far amazing fun.

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One Response to Psychic Snakes – FROM SPACE

  1. canazza says:

    Ah, the Elder Worms are mental 😀 You get a quest from Socrates in a level or two to go into that fissure. They’ll also pop up in Monster Island. There’s a couple of bits of lore on them dotted around too, I found a journal entry in the Psimon mission relating to them. Pretty creepy. Will look forward to mashing them to bits in later levels 🙂

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